Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mending a fence

  I love not having kids.  I slept 11 hours then slowly got up over the course of another hour and was going to put-off mending the torn fence from yesterday's high-winds (again, due to mary-jane medicinal shops littering the countryside) in such the style as Paw-Kettle (uncultured folks should look that one up, it's a whole sub-genre of American pop-culture).  Becky, however, urged me to not do so; so I went to Lowe's to buy some wood screws (which turned out to be far too short) and ended up using the ones I already had.  Becky had got the drill for me but couldn't find the bits for it as the whole box containing them went missin'.  Happily, in the plastic screw box there was a 6-star bit I needed that I had put there from before (clever me) and we got the drill a-goin'.  Had to move some rocks out of the way so I did so dog-style (not doggy-style, and no, I'm not making a link to "doggy style" ahem) and we got the fence section lined-up pretty good.  Becky expertly recommended drilling locations and we got the fence afixed and it's stable 'nuff.  Ah, Coly-rahd-y.

200 points to who can guess who this guy is
yeah..yeah, Mike R. Jackson but who is he?

  Wind was so nuts today I couldn't keep the grill alight so I ended up using the George Forman indoor grill which worked enuff fer dogs n' burgers.  The pilot kept going out on my Blue Ember Grill outside.  Colorado seems to always be windy here on the mesa.  I know some guys that don't ride motorcycles because it's "too windy" out.  I warned they'd never ride with that attitude here!  It's always 20 mph winds minimum it seems.
  I was reading "News of the Weird" and stumbled across this article which I'll leave you with.


-- William Todd arrived in Nashville, Tenn., on April 9 via Greyhound bus and faced a nine-hour layover. According to police, Todd committed at least 11 felonies during that time, one after another, with more charges still possible. Among Todd's alleged diversions: shooting up a restaurant, setting it on fire, robbing four people at a bar, carjacking, breaking into a law office and defecating on a desk, trolling hotel rooms seeking theft opportunities, and stealing a taxicab and robbing the driver. Said a police sergeant, "I've never seen anything like this before." He was finally captured at Opryland, where he had hidden by submerging himself in water up to his nose. [WSMV-TV (Nashville), 4-9-2012]

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