Sunday, March 4, 2012

If you're not first, you're last (rant).

  Some people base their whole lives on that.  Anyway, what's up with WholeFoods?  It seems like unnecessarily expensive organic food marts have become gay cruising grounds for gay McGay gays.  There's another one, like Sunflower or some such. More like Whole GAY.

 That, and frozen yogurt places.  I remember TCBY was normal and no big deal.  Just another DairyQueen wannabe.  Now frozen yogurt over the last 2 years has gone ultra-trendy.  It's still not healthy stuff.  TCBY, who's trying to trend-out their store just like YoYogurt by offering Scandinavian Design furniture and post-modernist art with a buffet-style self-serve setup which they weigh at the end, now offering frozen Greek yogurt (which is just a name for more dense yogurt).  This soft-serve yogurt is crap.  It should be like scoopable dense stuff, but they whip it with air and make it seem healthy.  It is not.  It is the same as DQ, weather you put fruit in it or not.  DQ offers fruit as well.  Stupid.  Parents are fracking stupid, "Oh, it's yogurt so it's okay!" as their kids shovel Oreos into it and get a painful-large sized sugar rape diabetes fatism shit frack.  These are the same parents that let their kids eat muffins, breakfast cereal, or Eggo's with a giant glass of juice (full of corn syrup, btw) but NOT chocolate cake and a coke.  Same thing.  It is, so shut up.  Idiot.  Stupid idiots.  You're a robot that listens to the FDA because you're too stupid to know what ingredients are, and you made up your mind on things the day you had a kid at age 19 and you stopped growing as a human since then.  Idiots.  America is now idiots.

  Men with tramp-stamps, fro-hawks, and porn-star star-tattoos is not cool, it's sad.  I don't understand how they can breed.  I suspect it's in the bovine growth hormone over the years.  Ironically, WholeFoods is bovine-growth-hormone-free, which counter-produces gays.  I honestly think the outbreak of gay-ism is based on chemicals, particularly estrogen in the water by way of not being able to chemically remove it from the urine due to female birth-control pills, patch, etc., and by way of estrogen being pumped into the chicken and milk-producing cows.  It was tried-out in Puerto Rico in the late '80s and women were getting breasts and periods at age 6 due to it.  It's documented and factual.  Girls are getting, to a lesser degree, these things at age 7 or 8 here in the US.  I strongly believe it's efeminating men.  What guy cares about how his nails look?  As long as they're not grubby.  Clean is one thing.  I'm for clean.  Detailed is another matter.  Except for BluRay-Disc quality Hollywood, detailed is not a male option.  Teeth shouldn't be whiter than say, a dwarf-star, creating its own luminescence, they should be ivory, perhaps bone-colored, no?  Why are people drinking bleach for this?  Are they that stinky?  People are taking self-detailing too far.  Do they have that much time in the day?  Don't they have jobs?  Guys should legally not spend more than 20 minutes in a bathroom, to include the 3 "S"es, "shower, shave, shite".  I'm even for brushing one's teeth and flossing is not out-of-the-question but.. really now.
  So I recommend boycotting WholeFoods and the like.  A brick of 1 pound British cheddar should cost a dollar, not $45.  It costs 11 cents to make.  A 2 pound, bone-in ribeye steak should cost about $15, not $45, and a jar of grape jam should be about $2, not $11.  WholeFoods caters to the ignorantly rich, more money than brains.  You can get non-HFCS (high-fructose-corn-syrup'ed) items at cheaper stores if you look a bit, and not pay an overkill price.  WalMart and similar stores offer them and a minor premium of a few cents.
  HFCS is everywhere.  You can't escape it.  One comedian was commenting on a can of green-beans, it's ingredients was: green-beans,  water, salt, high-fructose-corn-syrup.  "There's corn in the green-beans!" he declared.  Check your bottle of "maple syrup" like Mrs.Butterworth.  It's corn-syrup.  There's no maple syrup in maple syrup.  You have to find it, and it's pricey.  I found some 100% maple-syrup finally for $12.  Some 100% maple-syrup containers actually don't have 100% maple-syrup.  It's only 10%.  Now that's false advertising, like anyshit Hyundai puts out.  You want a Korean car?  Really?  CHING CHOW!

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