Friday, March 30, 2012

Rush's new album

  So most real musicians know that Rush's new album Clockwork Angels is coming out May 29th, though today radio stations are getting a 3rd single (aside from BU2B and Caravan) called Headlong Fight.  Clocking-in at over 7 minutes, WAAF in Boston claimed they "moistened their pants" from Alex's solo.  WYGY in Cincinnati claims it's "'74 to '77 Rush-fans rejoice".  These are good signs.
  I'm interested to see if Alex is using classic effects he's kept hidden-away.  He's using a vintage Gibson E355 hollow-body guitar which gives a great sound.  Radio stations are allowed to play it on the airwaves 19 April.
  I can't find any snippets anywhere online yet, though I suspect will have an "Easter Egg" for Easter Sunday on the 7th, as they're prone to that kind of shenanigan.
  Note that most real guitar players also have a pick on-hand at any given time, taking it out of their pocket, wallet, or hat with great pride and showmanship, as if they have the sudden answer to all things.  I encourage everyone to have a guitar pick on-hand from this point until May 29th  just in case Rush might need your guitar skills (as is every Rush guitarist's dream).  You never know when Alex might just show up and say, "Mike, I .. I can't go on..  you need to play Limelight for me!  For.. for the fans!"  Well.. if I must...

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