Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's with the double?

  So I order cheeseburger goodness at Burger King (aka the BK Lounge) and though not charged, I find I've received double cheeseburgers.  Not to complain, it's fine and all, but what's with all these restaurants insisting on doubles?  Why not make a good single?  Well, I guess it helps create the Juicy Lucy cheese-in-the-middle concept a bit, which isn't bad.
  BK also has finally changed their shakes here in C.Springs, Fountain specifically.  Surprisingly, the chocolate I'm having is on-par with Baskin Robbin's, which is impressive.  I'm struggling to find synthetics in it but I can't detect it.  It tastes like scooped ice cream with milk added and high-quality chocolate syrup (ie. not Hershey's).  Hm.
  Well.. win then.  Hm.  I can't complain about anything today.  Drat.

Kaminski's Dad?


  1. Great shakes! The Epic RETURN of the KING and Sir Shakes a Lot!

  2. Dave D., why do you keep posting on here as "anonymous"?

  3. It's easier. ;)