Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trailers for Trailers

  Now there's movie trailers for upcoming trailers for upcoming movies.  I think this is to ca$h in on the hype, or seed it, anyway.  The Alien prequel Prometheus is a fine example of this, as is The Avengers and now more recently the Blade Runner-esque remake of Total Recall a movie based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale".  The remake looks like it's trying to do the 1997-Now approach of Blade Runner's 2018 world in a modern L.A. from the quintessential 1982 film of the same name.  Does this mean that the Blade Runner 2 film (also being produced by Riddley Scott [confirmed]) will be more action-y like the 1990 film Total Recall ?  Still, I adore Future Noir films, such as Dark City, Minority Report, Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm), Dark Angel, and arguably Batman (1989), Empire Strikes Back, and Time Bandits, "RETURN THE MAP!"  Indeed.
  Sometimes this pre-hype gets a little ahead of itself; by doing so, expectations are too high and the tower of cards collapses.  Fine examples of this is by way of cars, such as the 1958 Ford Edsel.  So much hype 3 years prior made America in a frenzied froth.  Advertisement was never before seen at this magnitude with hidden suggestions and garish claims.  Finally it came out but everyone was exhausted from the hype, like waiting for Christmas morning for a kid hyped-up on Tang for 3 years that the car could not be anything but a let-down unless it flew to Mongo City and you could battle Ming the Merciless along with Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers  at the same time and win-over Princess Aura.  Yeah, the car couldn't do that (well, maybe the Comet Edsel sub-model in 1960) and everyone gave it the thumbs-down.  Same thing about the Chevy Volt.  Took 6 years to come out and it's a mild flop.  It's a fine line.  Politics are the same way.  Sarah Palin was flying high like Sally Fields the Flying Nun, only to burn-out the media 2 years later.  She didn't even run for president this time around, instead, lurking like a she-troll in media-news-land for all eternity like a lost soul refusing to cross the River Styx.
  We'll see.

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