Tuesday, March 6, 2012


  It happens.  Sleep for 4 hours then wide awake at 1:30am.  Gotta work 6am to 6pm.  I'm sure I'll feel like sleeping at noon, halfway through the shift.  I got a veteran crew partner today though, so that'll help, if I can get him to stick around on the Ops floor.  Might have to down-shift and take things slow today.  It's weird, the body messing around with us, that we know we have to sleep, but it just doesn't happen.  Can't make one sleep, just lying in bed, staring up into the darkness.  A little MST3K's "Starfighters" on Netfix streaming.  Cooked a burger.  Hydrated my humidor.  Maybe I'll try another hour of sleep.  Yuck. 
  Dayshifts are crappy during the week, daystaffers milling about, the floor usually a bit loud, making more white-noise din.  The "High Plains Cafeteria" aka "The Broadmor" (because of the ridiculous prices) has gone downhill since Woody left.  Not worth the $8 for a small burger (again with the burgers) and the 10 minute hike up the hill, only to bring something back ice-cold.  There was a tomato epidemic in the US last year, so they took tomatoes off the menu when tomato prices were tripled.  Never came back.  Stupid.
  Well, I'll try to get an hour-in.  Blah.

Karen Mistal Waldron.. anyone?  Anyone?

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