Monday, March 12, 2012

My current studio

  There's a lot of folks that show themselves playing their instruments live while showing a video on YouTube.  I don't do that, partially because I layer 7 or 8 guitars into the track to create a rock-guitar choir effect in the same way several violins sound better than just one for a concert, or a choir of singers sound better than just one.  This is not always true, but it sounds.. fuller and richer than a single instrument.
  My studio is a bit cramped as well, and wires are all over the place.  I have a pedal board coming in to fix a bit of that, but it's not as nice as some of those high-end ones.  Still, it works.  I have a small rack system and a keyboard with a few guitars and a bass.  All my works is by me.  I don't cheat and use the CD to add tracks.  I'm quite proud of being able to play all the instruments sans-drums.  I think my covers sound pretty close to the originals.
  Here's me at my studio to-date.

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  1. Like. Now listen to my song, "Tom Sawyer" by Resonance on YouTube.