Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Dodge Viper Logo

  The Dodge Viper is no more as of 2010.  The V10 powered car is being produced by Dodge's new sub-line, SRT.  Just like Scion is to Toyota, Dodge is sub-branding the Viper to the SRT line, making it its own company.
  The Viper will be released with an additional 100 horsepower or so, though things are vague still as to whether it will be direct-injected or not.  It's strongly rumored the 8.4 liter engine will still be used, however.  The 2013 Viper will also have a new logo again, as it changed from "Sneaky Pete" to "Fang", it will now be called, "Stryker".  It's pretty cool.  The emblem is lit-up when brakes are applied in red.

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