Monday, March 26, 2012

New Work

  So I've been working a bit lately.  I got my 2005 Honda Superhawk VTR1000F fired-up and changed the oil and like all Honda motorcycles is running like a champ.

  I still think it's cool to ride a motorcycle onto a USAF base wearing a carbon-fiber "Vader" HJC helmet, but hey, that' just me.
  I've been remastering some of my older work to 32-bit audio and also stripping-off vocals and whatnot so I can showcase my guitar-only work.  Some folks are into that, the stripped-down versions of one instrument only, and I guess the productions are less muddled.  I left a little MIDI drums in there when the guitar parts are quiet on occasion so listeners are not just sitting there asking themselves, "Is that it?"
  The economy is still very broken but ZObamites are still loving their beloved communist, vaguely accepting that ObamaCare is really mandatory-to-purchase health-care in the same way most states insist on having car insurance (except you can get away with not owning a car and therefore not paying that, though still required to pay state taxes on road care, etc.)  Lovely.
  I had a surprise second-bout of Bell's Palsey a few days ago, likely caused by the European strain of Influenza Type A wrecking my immune system (indeed, my tongue turned white due to the bacteria overload for a few days).  Sucks cuz' now it's my right side, which makes for a good poker player I suppose.  Facial muscular paralysis is fun.  I got my first whammy of this in 1989.  Makes it hard to eat, of course, though the nerve wasn't completely "eaten" by the pac-man-like virus so it's not a total loss.  Some restoration has occurred naturally.  Docs can't do anything in this medieval time, of course.  I guess Jesus could give me a haymaker and that'd do it.  I find it interesting no one notices the damage, but it makes me certainly less animated looking.  Maybe that's a good thing.
  Looking at someday buying a cool muscle car again.  I miss them.  I miss my TransAm Firehawk, Ginger.  Pontiac is dead though.  Maybe a used Corvette or Viper, but it's out of my price range even still.  $55K is a lot of mula, eh?  Someday.
  Got the sprinkler system up and running nicely.  Guess I set it right for winter storage.  Peaches and apple trees are blooming, as well as a crab-apple-tree meant for booze later-on.  Colonials would make booze out of anything, you know.  Crab-apple booze can be intense.  That's my goal this season.
  That's it, just a heads-up.  I usually get one-a-day posts on Google Blogger but this month might be a few shy.  We'll see.

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