Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Chili

  So being up this evening, I went to WalMart (the closest supermarket open at midnight to me) to get ingredients for some chili, this time a 6-Pepper Ain't Too Proud To Beg Chilli:

1 Poblano
4 Serrano (I found these a bit toasty, about halfway between jalapeno and habanero)
4 Jalapeno
1 Bell
1 Sweet Red
1 Anaheim
(all these diced into 1" squares or rings)

1 Pound ground round
2 Pound 1/2" cubed steak

1/2 Spanish onion
1 can (large) peeled tomatoes
1 can (small) tomato paste

1/2 cup chili powder
1 tbspn minced garlic
1 tbspn salt
1 tbspn pepper
1 tbspn oregano
1 tbspn Italian spices (basil and other things)
2 tbspns A1 Steak sauce
2 tbspns Worcestershire sauce (Lee & Perkin's of course)
dash of Red Robin seasoning
dash of SeasonAll (no, not AllSpice)
1tspn cocoa powder

2 cans chili beans
1 can kidney beans

1 beer (in this case, Dos Equis Amber)

  Sometimes I add more meat, sometimes (usually) less peppers and more onion.  Shrug.  I don't care for the chocolaty smokey taste of habaneros with it's spider-bite of a burn.  It's just a rude pepper, though the bhut jolokia, which is arguably much hotter, sometimes known as the ghost pepper, is quite tasty. 

 My recipe changes from time to time.  It's a whimsical thing.  I picked up a few more random items like Flintsone's Gummi vitamins and what-not.

Anyway, so a transaction was failing in the only aisle available, the credit cards of the latina bbw girls were not working.  After about 10 minutes they just took out the cash, the line huge behind me, and other aisles opened mercifully.  The lady was oddly flirty, talking about each item, one at a time as she bagged them, "Mmmn, that bread smells great!"  "Gotta love the old original Mt.Dew!"  etc.  Lovely.  I think she was around 60 but more than likely in her late 50s.  Odd that's not that much older than me.  I got a commentary of each item and she started quizzing me on my peppers purchases.  I explained the Anaheim from the Poblano to help her look up the SKUs.  Once I offered that I was making chili she freaked out and said, "Ooooh, you're a man who can cook!!!"  Oh.. myyyy.   I wonder if it's gonna be too hot?

Hope the chili turns out okay.

End transmission.

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  1. This guy who tried the Bhut Jolokia found the Naga and Scorpion Habanero to be .. pleasantly mild, just so you have a way of comparison.