Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Evening

  It's odd to wake up at 11:34 PM.  Mids'll do that to me on occasion.  I'll Throwback Mountain Dew it up until 4am and then be wired until noon, then crash hard until near midnight on my mids days off.  Some guys sweep right back to days during their 2 days off due to uncaring families who have no idea the agony of never getting sleep for years on-end but I don't have to deal with that, thankfully.  Now, however, I'm 8 hours off my mids rotation, probably due to the nice weather or too much caffeine, I'm not sure which.  So.. in 4 hours from now I got to be getting back to sleep for my 2 mid shifts coming up, then I transition back to days again for a month.  Should be a hoot.
  Bacon sandwich on Texas Toast was good, and watching a treasure trove of shorts by BlameSocietyFilms, the makers of Chad Vader and several other very good comedy runs, but honestly, that's not very productive.  I should be doing things around the house, cleaning and what-not but oddly this last week I haven't cared much about it.  Shame, really.  Haven't wanted to play guitar whatsoever for 2 months, though I made myself try it on that recent attempt at an intro to BattleScar by Max Webster I posted on my main page.  I got a few comments on my music lately, mostly emoticons like  :/  Which indicate indifference.  Yay, indifference!  My work is indifferent to people after weeks of recording and sound engineering!  YAY!  I've made it to zero!  I've made it all the way up to nothing!
  Seems like it might rain outside.  It's overcast but not super-freezing as it has been.  It's 53 degrees out right now but lows are around 38.  Normally highs of 70, lows of 34 with a 20 mph wind.  When I work mids, it's delightful coming-in but super-cold coming back.  Doesn't make for nice riding motorcycle weather with hidden sand patches in the dark after 12 hours of work all tired and what-not.
  There's rumor Rush's new single Headlong Flight might be coming out in limited runs on select radio stations today sometime, though FM has been dead since 2002 since XM radio took-off (the cable-TV of radio).
  Taxes are due at the end of this week too, well actually next week.  Though we filed zero, we still have to PAY quite a lot.  We pay 38% in taxes this year, though we're nowhere near that Obama-promised $200k line.  Seems the super-rich can afford to not pay taxes, somehow.  Mitt Romney payed 9% this year.  I bet he makes more than me n' Becky combined.

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