Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ride

  Got my Honda Superhawk VTR1000F up and running and went to Castle Rock for burgers and whiskey today.  Apple succeeded in failing again (thanks, Siri!) by leading us to a non-existent comic-book store via dead-ends and pitfalls resulting in fellow Harley rider's near-death of scraping his highway footboards dangerously sparking the pavement.  (Harley's don't handle so well) though to his credit he handled it well enough for our pace!  Another rode via small pickup, having surrendered motorcycling to Time for a while.  Fine enough, and it kept my brashness tethered to Earth lest I over-do it speed-wise.
  Ended up at Daz Bog for coffee (Russian, and therefore evil).  The coffee was candied but good.  Took I-25 back instead of Parker Road, parting ways with the pick-em-up driver and the winds were howling up Monument Pass making travel mildly difficult, SUVs breaking suddenly because of atmosphere or no reason at all.  I think my speedometer is calibrated off, fellow rider explained I was doing 100 at times when my gauge only indicated around 80.  I have a device onboard called the SpeedoHealer.  It might have reset when I changed the battery, I'll have to validate that. 
  Finally, we went to Apex Motorsports.  Looked at the new Honda CBR 250 and was disappointed they didn't have boots or gloves I might want, mine being almost 10 years old now and "well worn", having protected me from gravity-defying evils of the Road.
  I feel a bit stiff from the affair, having traveled almost 100 miles total, I'm a bit rusty.  A few times enroute I goosed the throttle a bit too much dumping the clutch for some rapid hop-ups unintended.  Need to not do that.
  Looking forward to The Avengers movie coming up, and dreading the re-re-re-reboot of Spiderman.  Gimme back the originals from 1977!


  1. Hay, Spider-Man! ;)

    Power Glove. They make a CD? We need their music on our floor at work. Hobo is goodest!

    The picture of Brooklyn Decker is something else. Daddy like-like!

    "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, George Takei should be Spider-Man"


    1. Sort of. They allow free download from their Austrailan site here: