Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Hunger

  The Japanese car company Nissan, like so many others is doing poorly.  There's an ad campaign to suggest all new cars, but they're not new.  The commercial has a bunch of Nissans driving around with bed sheets on them to suggest an "unveiling" but nothing they're showing-off  is worth a darn.
  I owned a gutless Nissan Sentra several years back.  It was adequate transportation and sarcastically nicknamed, "The Red Dragon", decked-out in APC-Racing red dragons motif from AutoZone Parts.  It was a manual transmission but didn't even have a tachometer.  Electrics were its downfall and ultimately I sold it for $500 with most of the paint missing off of it and almost none of the electronics.  It's probably in car heaven right now (Do All Cars Go To Heaven?)
  I've seen Nissan's future lineup, as I'm a time-traveller.  It's sad.  No one's waiting in line for their special edition Nissan Alitma like I waited 2 years for my Saturn Sky Redline.  No one's straining at the bit like greyhounds in the slips for England and St.George for the Nissan Murano convertible ass-joke.  The Nissan Leaf turned out to be such a huge failure that Nissan's losses cannot be recouped for years.  Gas would have to be $9/gal. for that nightmare to be fixed, their counter-strike to the unnecessary Chevy Volt which production has stopped due to zero sales.  Nissan's only two sports cars (well, at least they have two) is the 370Z and the GT-R, the latter to expensive for anyone to buy and it looks like a Honda Accord.  Nissan is releasing bland cars for no one, and no white bedsheet is going to save them.  I'm hungry for exciting cars.

  On a happier note, I went and saw The Hunger Games yesterday, cringing at the thought of a Twilight gay-tacular soul-less-teen-centric womanly cascade of estrogen.  Thankfully, I was spared.  A decent sci-fi with a taste of In Time and a smattering of Logan's Run and Running Man, the movie doesn't suck.  The director was pretty bad though, at least with the mid-90's evocation of shakey-cam ala Gladiator to invoke excitement and/or confusion in certain scenes.  I found that element a bit cheap and towards the end felt like vomiting due to the Gonzo, POV production.  To his credit, I don't think the movie would have worked as well without it, so take some Dramamine before watching.  Irregahd'less, it was a decent premise with an interesting backstory, and it's nice a few sci-fi movies are making it past empty, bitter Hollywood companies who still seem to think poorly of American intelligence.

The Hunger Games

Zombies.....                   A-
Comic book fans..... B+
Everyone else....        A-

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