Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A little political rant

  So Obama was quoted as saying things like, "..if we can only get US gas prices to the levels of Europe's.." and when confronted by Medvedev the outgoing Russian puppet, "This is my last election.  Tell Putin I'll be a little more flexible once the election is over."  Furthermore, he's defying the Supreme Court by insisting they not analyze the Obamacare "forced insurance you have to pay for" bill, seeing if it's unconstitutional or not.  Wow.  Honestly, wow.  It's absolutely amazing he's not imprisoned for treason against America.
  CNN, desperate of hiding and distracting these facts is showing news stories of cheerleaders, kittens, and just about anything they can to distract from the disaster train-wreck.  The US economy is riding a mini-wave off of the Christmas season's purchasing of low-quality LED TVs at BestWorstBuy such as LG's 10k lumens (about as good as a cellphone from 1997) and Apple sales (16-bit audio and 720p graphics, quality again seen in 1997).  Why, it's like 1997 all over again!  "I did not have relations with Monica!"  Amazing.
  Kool-Aid drinking liberals shrug it off; the same ones that pointed fingers at Bush for oil prices are now pocketing said-fingers claiming it's not his fault.  Think Obama doesn't have stocks?  Think again.  I'd be interested in his shareholdings.  I wonder if he has stock in lithium mining operations for electric cars?  Just wondering
  The oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been long forgotten, though victims over the last few years are dying due to the xylene found in the water causing all sorts of permanent issues.  I recommend not eating any shrimp for the next 10 years.  None.  Shrimp generally comes from the Gulf, or China, who dump toxins in their waters all the time.  Shrimp eat detritus.  You want shrimp that eat Chinaman waste?  Think not.  You want shrimp that are tainted with xylene causing brain damage?  No thanks.  Sorry Bubba Gump.  Obama shrugged it off like it wasn't his issue, just BP's.  Sure, but Americans have been suffering for it.  We had a huge HUGE hurricane up the Eastern seaboard last year, tens of thousands of houses destroyed.  Again, shrugged-off by our "leader".  No FIMA there.  No Red Cross.  Texas has been devastated by tornadoes, as well as the Midwest to unheralded degrees.  Japan destroyed by two earthquakes which has affected California by way of radiation.  Indeed, radiation from the issues have been found in Colorado! (the radiation found can be "fingerprinted" to the source from the destroyed reactors north of Tokyo).  So... several Earth-impacting disasters.  American-impacting disasters.  Obama nowhere.  Now, we had a mild hurricane in Louisiana a few years back named Katrina which flooded poverty areas and shanties.  They were warned to leave the vicinity but most stayed.  Some drowned.  1700 some-odd people are dead or missing, much less than the rest of the disasters recently, and much less than the number of deaths on I-95 last year.  This is mostly because people were warned 5 days ahead of time and they just stayed there because their cumulative IQ was 8, so it actually helped the gene pool of America that they died.  High-five! 

  Bush was chastised it took 3 days to do anything but in reality, FEMA was there 3 days EARLY and provided 700,000 people homes and shelter and tax-breaks and food and water and free credit-cards and transportation to Colorado and other places and free hotel rooms for months and sometimes years and then offered FREE HOMES to several hundred.  Still, not enough, I guess.  Ultimately, the levies weren't strong enough and the governor of Louisiana pocketed the tax money.  That's the real shame.
  No, the real shame is 49% of Americans think Obama's doing a good job because of the "mess" Bush got us in.  You can blame the previous administration for 1 year and then you're on your own.  After 4 years, it's all you.  In the days of snail-mail and Pony Express, sure, things were geologically slow by way of economy, but now, people can buy and sell stocks within seconds online.  Governmental finances are affected within weeks, not years.
  Obama's ultimate goal is to create a Police State where the government controls every aspect of people's lives like Russia, Cuba, and China.  The government decides where you live, what you eat, your home protection is controlled by them meaning NO GUNS.  Soon religion is affected.  I encourage everyone to look at these 3 countries and see their human lifestyle.  See how happy they aren't.  China rising?  Sure, in misery.

Okay, I'm done now.  Go back to your Eggo's.. while you can still have them.  Love that sugar-tax Obama implemented last year!  Yay!

Obama, the Grand Illusionist.

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