Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Clockwork Angels

  So Rush released a 3rd single from the upcoming album, Clockwork Angels.  It's super-badass and makes Metallica's releases seem like robot-vaginas (whatever that means).  Little 30-second trailer here:

and the rather interesting SteamPunk concept-album tracklist is here:

"Clockwork Angels" track list:

1. Caravan
2. BU2B
3. Clockwork Angels
4. The Anarchist
5. Carnies
6. Halo Effect
7. Seven Cities Of Gold
8. The Wreckers
9. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden

  I think I just had a happy in my pants!  Comes out June 12th, 2012 (6 - 12 - 12).

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