Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run To You cover BANNED by YouTube!!!

  So I resubmitted a cover of Bryan Adams' song, Run to You that I did last year, fixing a bit of the overdone keyboards I recorded and cleaned-up the bit-rate to 32-bit and pulled up the bass guitar I played in parts.  I then submitted a guitar-only version as well.  Interestingly, YouTube thought it was so close to the original recording they thought I was stealing Bryan Adams' work somewhere, which I did not.  It's just a cover version which I did all the parts (except the MIDI drums I found online somewhere from a site made in the early '90s that was not done by Bryan Adams, though I gave no credit to the MIDI drum programmer, which is shame-on-me I guess, though I converted it to a WAV file and changed it up a bit).
  Anyway, Run to You was thought to be stolen material.  Quite flattering, though annoying.  You can hear the banned-version at my website at if you're interested.  I didn't think it was that close.  Shrug.

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