Monday, April 16, 2012

The MetalObama

  So Obama's been quoted to a response that Dave Mustaine of Megadeth complaining Obama was not born in America.  This is true, actually, though a citizen of America (unfortunately), claiming the state of Hawaii.  No school has record of him attending anywhere in Hawaii, but his Kenyan father (died in prison recently, and odd Obama didn't pardon him for Communist actions against America, again odd) moved to Indonesia in Jakarta when he was 6.  Kinda moot now, but interesting none-the-less.  Obama was outraged and afraid of this accusation by a semi-noteworthy media figure and responded thusly:
“Dave Mustaine has a lot of questions about me? Well I have a lot of questions about him! How do we know he really had anything to do with those songs on [Metallica's] Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning? I didn’t see him write them, did you? I’m not questioning it, I just… I know he didn’t write any of those riffs. How come he was invisible until he became whatever he was in Megadeth?”
  This is the same guy that thinks he's been to America's 57 states.  If Bush had said this, the world would be in an outrage, but since the Democrats control most media, it was swept aside.  Guess that's why we have to pay 38% in taxes this year so his aides can get hookers in Vegas and Colombia that we pay for.  Yep.  Check it out.

  Anyway, I'm annoyed at his comment bout Mustaine.  It's quite obvious Mustaine wrote riffs from the song The Four Horsemen as he legally re-used the guitar riffs in Megadeth's debut album Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good the song Mechanix from the original song The Mechanix later renamed The Four Horsemen, as well as Jump in the Fire, and Metal Militia and from the album Ride the Lightning, the songs, Ride the Lightning and Call of Ktulu.  The fact Obama is again talking out of his arse makes him a pansy-boy.  Liberal idiots are loving his rebuttal in the same way they'll grin when John Elway runs for govenor of Colorado with no ability against a Poli-Sci Doctorate who spent his whole life studying Colorado's government and loses to John.  FREE BARABBAS!  (Becuase it's the popular option, not the right option).  Way to go, American liberal dolts.

  As lead guitarist you HAVE to write the bits because you have to PERFORM them while touring.  You think the bass player Cliff Burton wrote the guitar riffs for him?  Unlikely.  Pathetic again, Obama.  Go jump in a vat of milk.

Thanks for the song, Dave Mustaine!  No thanks to Obama the wanna-be Metallica fan. Go get your OWN LuLu album.

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  1. Anyone who thinks this isn't Mr. Mustaine is a Chuckle Face. I actually wrote this song and I know Dave Mustaine cause we went to different schools together and I dated his sister seven different times. Youuuu AAGGHHHHH!!!