Thursday, December 22, 2011

1.5 Million shares $$$?

I just bought 1.5 MILLION shares of micro-penny stock MMTE (Mammoth Energy Group Inc.) making me a 15% shareholder in their stock.  The stock was going for $0.0004   Yep, that's right, four ten THOUSANDTHS of a penny.  It's a mining company that just purchased several thousand hectares of land in Chile to get lithium for battery production in electric cars and what-not.  Recent geological survey finds that the area they purchased which is within a few kilometers of a modernized town has a very large deposit of lithium based on their reports.  This is a good sign for an up-and-coming mining company from Jersey.  They also bought-out another company for lithium mining as well.

If you want to check out their website and such, feel free.  Seems legit.

Only a few hundred bucks I could end-up a multi-millionaire if the stock suddenly rises to a penny or two (which it has in the past).  The company is in the black so it's still good after purchasing all those assets.  Either that or I'm out.  Cheaper than Vegas (if you've been lately) and I'd warrant better odds.

If you go to you can have them set up a quick account (it's free) and can buy any kind of stock you like (such as Pepsi) in any denomination ($9 a transaction).  For instance, you could buy $5 of MMTE and get several hundred shares.  If it went up to a penny you'd make several THOUSAND dollars.  Or you could play it safe and get 1/10th of a share of Pepsi stock (Sharebuilder lets you do that, unlike E*Trade where you have to buy $2000 minimum (yuck)).

Anyway, stocks'll go up eventually in the end.  Great time to buy anything if you got ten bucks lying around and can afford to not buy 24 cans of Mt.Dew for a week.  Just sayin'.

Ciao and good luck.



    - Derek

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