Thursday, December 1, 2011

Obama funds AIDS research!

Wow, that's so great!  He directed $50M towards AIDS research in America!  Out of the $15T spending this year he gave .00033% of the budget towards that.   $535B for Solyndra in 2009 to 3 campaign contributors though (3.5% of the budget), and $46B towards funding for Egypt this year.

Let's put it in better perspective.

3 cents towards HIV medical studies.
$350,000 for Soyndra
$30,600 for Egypt.

Oh, you got AIDS?  Here, have 3 pennies.  I gotta give Egypt some cizza$h.  POW!  At least both Bush administrations made sure there was $200M annually, though that's only a dollar (based on the budget at that time).. at least you can buy a McDouble with that.

Yay, we won.

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