Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wonderful new guitar pedals

In the last few days I've been working some heavy hours, but in the mail came some wonderful guitar pedals.  I got a rather rare Boss PH-1r Phaser finally, in rather beat-up shape and reeked of ozone (not a good sign).  I'm timid to power it up.  I need to open 'er up and see if there's any burnt bits beforehand.  My schedule's been .. shall we say, "busy" lately with the Middle-East (vs. the Middle-West as it were) and, of course, Russia, so I haven't had time to play (or sleep much).

Also, Behringer has a great deal on some very inexpensive pedals ($9 each).  The Analog Delay Vintage is quite nice, and there's a GEQ 7-band pedal that'll round things out nicely at the end of my pedal chain and back into my Digitech 2112 multi-effects processor and BBE Sonic Maximizer.  I think I have about all the sweet-tone options now that exist.  There's rumor that the Boss PH-1r is not as good as a MXR Phase 90 or Electric-Mistress "Small Stone" but that's a matter of taste.  I wouldn't mind a "Blue Box" MXR Fuzz distortion as it makes guitar sound like an Atari 2600 which is pretty insane/cool.  Maybe I can snag a cheap one on eBay under $50 after Christmas.

In any case, my new song will be "space" related I think, and sound a lot like the band Ardor in style guitar-wise but more layered and textural.  I'll probably pull out all the stops on it and use all my tricks and heavy change-ups, but I still want to cover Limbo first (once I get a freakin' day off!)

Cheers and keep warm!  It's cold outside!

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