Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The convenience of shit

Americans love shit.  It's a 350 million Americans and One Cup free-for-all.  Lower the quality the better, as long as it's cheap and convenient.  I'm to blame here too, buying WalMart Chinese-made "polo" shirts for $1.99 with a thread-count similar to burlap.  McDonald's has thinned their meat to the point a "slider" from White Castle has more.  Even the BK Lounge is to blame to some degree.  Instead of raising the price and maintaining size and quality the meat is almost gone.  Eventually the patties will be 1 molecule thick.  Nano-burgers at 60% fat.  Yep, 40/60 beef.  It is important to note that "beef" is the same as cow/steer/etc. and anything attached to said animal at the time of Cuisninarting, such as mud, hay in the stomach, the stomach, mostly digested hay, hooves, mud on the hooves, horns, eyes, etc.  All 100% BEEF!  Yum!

Same goes for media.  Look at the CD.  Proponents of fidelity complained of their lack.  Ian Anderson was particularly surprised Americans took up this thin aluminium and polycarbonate disc, the resolution is so poor.  Amazingly, people ate it up and now digital media is preferred in its ultra-lowest quality.  People went out and bought MP3 players (later devolving to iPods as the popular medium which are even lower quality audio) using cheap earbud headphones that make a kettle drum sound like a pencil hitting a piece of paper.  Lady Gaga is popular for music as it fits that medium nicely in the same way shit looks nice on burlap in a dark room with Buffalo Bill whispering lotion smearing desires in your ear.

Photo image of the new iRecord iPlayer version i.

It pains me to see people using such devices.  My biggest problem is the wireless (Bluetooth or otherwise) streaming audio.  Even audiophile Denon is guilty of this, caving-in to peer pressure, their latest offerings having streaming Pandora and i-Devices capable audio.  Horrible.  I've heard the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy and it was worse than telephone quality audio.  Reminded me of that "megaphone" into a "microphone" sound.  Dry and soul-less, like the empty, lifeless husks that America has become, allowing the government to take care of them instead of earning the right to success through hard work and determination.

Dance and pop music will always be popular, (hense "Pop" aka "Popular" music, ahem).  I miss the '70s when "popular" might have been Emerson Lake & Palmer or The Marshall Tucker Band.  These folks could actually play an instrument in its organic sense with time signature not derived with "style" settings on clock-drifting keyboards via Casio or Yamaha (thanks, Japan [or Taiwan as the case is now]).

It all seems pretty bleak.  I bought more analog equipment on-the-cheap for my guitar rig in defiance.  It bothers me people dance to robotic beats, their own movements robotic in themselves.  Ironically the dance "the robot" and its variations were often done to analog keyboards.  This is no more.  Emotionless children trying to mimic love by way of hook-ups and texting each other via Twitter and Facebook with one-liners like some Henny Youngman punchline reading woeful 3-frame comic strips to robot-music through tin-sounding soul-less headphones from the most soul-less factories of Asia eating microwaved, store-bought cardboard-tasting nothing (fortified with essential lab-made vitamins) perpetuating the matter on their A to B cars.  Empty, without character.

America is in more than one winter this holiday season.  Let's see if the tide changes.

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