Monday, December 19, 2011


I put Doro Pesch's album Love Me in Black as part of the top 10 most epic albums of all time, which was a mistake.  Albeit a very good album, like Metallica's Black Album, neither is "epic".  Very well engineered, engaging, interesting, fresh, yes.  Epic?  No.  Sometimes you get your mind in a fix where you start typing up all these albums you really like at random and it's unfair.  A 5th album will be listed, as well as an additional five that are all pre-1980.

I've been working quite a few hours and am all upside-down and my sleep schedule is fubar'ed so there'll be a new, goodly post within the next 24.  I recommend reading my rate kids' drawings post a few days back for humor, even though it's a bit morbid now that I look back at it.

I haven't even touched my guitars at all the last week, just mopey (which'll pent-up and translate well into some work).  I've been seriously considering re-doing my first song, Ala Baeg which I orchestrated (badly) in 1991.  A fresh approach at the opus is worthwhile as most people haven't heard it (on cassette no less).  Ala Baeg is, "An Amish Lad in the Antarctic, Being Attacked by an Electric Guitar".  Yeah....  that's it.

I'm not going to comment on that Korean Hitler being dead either.  We had a good hoot for that on-crew, huzzah, but as Johnny mentioned, "Nothing changes on New Years' Day".  True enough with his whack-job son, "Fatty McFatty Pants McFatFat".  Ching CHOW.

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  1. Going to go see Mission: Impossible IMAX Tuesday. Would you like to go? Let me know.