Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pissed off at everything

Why is it YouTubers are shoving advertisements in your face?  Really?  You think you're gonna make a few bucks by selling-out and irritating us all?  Guess what?  The minute I see a "Your video will start in 0:05 after this advertisement" bullshit, I'm gonna NOT watch it.  I search a non-whore posting of the same video.  Also, chumps are shoving in-video advertisements as well.  Pretty slutty.  What, you can't post something pure?  You have to contaminate it with your greed?  Just shows that you have no morals and you're a greedy emmer-effer.  Nice display of character, you scab-ass bitch.  Enjoy your lonely pennies.  Hope you wreck and your near-dead body is raped by ice-weasles.

You know what else pisses me off?  Non-callbacks via email or otherwise.  Cowards.  "Hey, can we reschedule?"  Silence.  Is that trendy or cool?  Nope.  It's el-lame-o.  Not gonna get far that way, folks.  Step-up and reply back, even if it's a "no thanks".  Have some frackin' balls.

People who steal other people's programming code is shitty too, especially when they take credit for it.  Yep, plagiarism.  Fine if you ask first.  Crappy if you steal it and prance about saying, "Look what I created!" without any acknowledgement of the original programmer.  Pretty much pure evil.  A lot of programmers create nice libraries of functions for others to use.  Why not make a few of your own?  Not savvy enough?  Take the freakin' 5 seconds to learn how to do it from scratch first.  Reminds me of rap artists using fragments of other songs to build their own.  Scavengers.  At least they pay-out the royalties, so it ain't all that bad.  If there were no copyrights on it, they'd rob everyone blind on the stuff.  Glad it's not as popular as it used to be: sorry Sean Combs.  I see this on a corporate level in Lockheed, this corporate espionage.  I could easily blackmail a few folks I know who do this to one-up the others for significant raises.  Desperate little scrap-dog bitches shivering in the cold air not worthy of being pissed-on, lying about fun stuff so that other people like them, "Yeah.. uh, I drink Jack Daniel's Gold all the time!  It's my favorite whiskey."  Really?  Jack Daniel's Gold?  Every bar has this?  A quick Google (as he did when caught and got back to me a bit later scamper-scamper style, the little bitch) indicates there's a "Gold Medal 1954" for a few hundred bucks in extreme limited quantities.  If he orders it all the time I'm sure he'd be let down, as it's hard to find a bar that doesn't consider regular Jack Daniel's as a top-shelf item, nevermind some rarity like that.  Even a local watering hole Jack Quinn's Irish Bar barely has 18-year scotch which is extremely rare for this low-life, un-cultured town of shit.  Nice try, bitch.  Fail, liar.

I also get mad when people think Republicans take away freedoms when the Socialist, oh, I mean Democratic party (yeah, it's become that) has slowly taken away our freedoms for years.  Incandescent light bulbs are a thing of the past now.  Remember those?  Decent flushing toilets for water conservation (the most abundant thing on the Earth, water).  More control of things.  More forced control.  Mandated emission standards on vehicles by year 2014.  No choice.  We will tell you what is right and good.  How is that not taking away one's freedoms?  Democratic no-thinkers shrug off these accusations, staring vacantly at CNN dot com with glee, "Everything's fine.  The economy isn't that bad."  Yeah, we won.



  1. Best post so far... compounded by the fact that I was listening to the mighty Rollins Band's "Liar" and looking at a picture of a not very clothed Ornella Muti. (YEOWZA!)


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