Thursday, December 29, 2011


Herrro.  Dis is speciarl message from Kim Jong Un.  My fazah is verrry dead now but our stah-ving pe-o-ple have a taste so as to be not hunga.. not hunr.. .. (frustrated) CAIO MING SE DO MAI.. ..  hungarrrly.  Some of da pe-o-ples eat-a gran-pa jurky with-a sesame es vellly good.  Canirabarism not so bad with a sesame.. CHING CHOW!  My ah peopulz learn to make-ah do wit less.  Rook how fat day are.

My fazah make-a da miss-yle called a "Type O Dong" es verrly clevah miss-yle.  Type-O Dong shoot up in sky can come smash down on-a top-a yo-ah head ... DONNNG!  Ver-ly good miss-yle.

Den, my fa-zah make a verly clevah missile an a trick-ah contractors too.  He say, "Make-ah me a miss-yle called a NO Dong wit stearlth tech-ah-norogy.  Den a dah contractahs make a miss-yle called a No-Dong and-ah presented-ah miss-yle to ah my faz-ah.  Day say, "Here-ah miss-yle."  Dad say, "Velly good, wassah miss-yle name?"  Day say, "Ess-ah No-Dong."  Dadda say, "Hey, you make-ah no miss-yle, der'es no Dong!  I no pay you for no-Dong!"  Den fazah had dem executed and dah people had tasty soylent green for-ah suppah in Egg-Foo-Young Happy Meal wit toy suh-prize.  Dad a verly clevah.

Stealth ah tech-norology verly good.  Miss-yle come and enemy ask, "What kind-ah miss-yle ah coming?"  Enemy work-ah say, "It's-ah No-Dong."  Den enemy boss say, "It's-ah no dong?  Den dare nuting to worrly about.  We just a sit-ah back and ah-drink Koolr Aid."  Den, a next-ah thing you know?  A DONG!  Right on HEAD!  DOONNNNNNG!  Verly clevah miss-yle.  Den he make a miss-yle carled a Rong-Dong shaped ah- aftah his a pee-pee but it too small so he renamed it a Ro-Dong so as to not get too anagry and a people get a bad ideas.

Well, now I a new supah-supreme pizza-boss and I make-ah new miss-yle.  I call it ah "   ".  See dat?  No name to miss-yle so no one can ah-say anyting.  Day ask, "What kinda miss-yle coming in?"  Den day can't say noth-ing so den ah next ting you know it's a DONG!  I verly clevah new kid-pizza-boss-supreme wit a pep-ah-ronis.


Oh, a verly good.  Day got ah dah LASERS attached to dair heads.  You on my reft.  You go in an try it out.  CHING CHOW!  No, serirousry.  You go in. Ha ha ha!

Frack you, Kim Jong Un, you bastard and your dead dad too.  For all the evil atrocities you've committed on your people, all the kidnapping and murder and torture to the Japanese and Americans.  For all the times you strut around fat as a cat while your people starve and are forced to eat their dead relatives.  For all the times you starve your military and refuse them medicine.  All these things we've seen with our methods and you're a bastard and will die a painful, horrible death.  CHING CHOW!

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