Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paul McCartney is dead!

It all started years ago, when The Beatles were a worldwide super-hit.  People would literally die to go see the band, and often did.  In 1969, The Beatles were featured in a magazine that offered, "Is Paul dead?"  In 1970 the band broke-up.  Immediate worldwide search began on all the album covers and "clues" to see if he really was dead.

Back in 1978, I was eight years old and my elementary school music teacher introduced us to concepts of music and its worldwide cultural significance, starting with the ending to the rather pretty song, Strawberry Fields.  The end of the song starts a horrifying, off-key carnival bit, back-masked (in reverse) like some sort of evil clown nightmare, merging into dangerously scary and inappropriate weirder sounds, followed by a backwards-sounding "I buried.. Paul."  Scary as all hell in its demonic tongue (you don't need to play the single backwards to hear it) she explained there were several "clues" that Paul was indeed dead.  She pointed out quite a few, to include the rather pop-culture now-popular age-28 death of musicians thing on the album Abbey Road which had a Volkswagen Bug's license plate reading, "28-IF" (If he had lived he would have been 28 years old).  Things get wilder and even more scary.

Of course, the "Walrus" in Magical Mystery Tour symbolizes Death in most cultures.  Rumor has it a guy  took his place when Paul crashed his car while looking at a meter-maid named Rita.

Honestly, I thought everyone knew about all this, but everyone I talk to hasn't an idea, mostly because people think media started in 2005 or something.  Heck, I remember in 1978 hundreds of people were trampled daily just to get in to see the movie Star Wars and that Iraq was lobbing chemical weapons back and forth against Iran who followed suit.  Guess Iraq gave-up such an effective offense measure because it was too mean?  Yeah, Saddam wasn't a meanie.  He'd never resort to those kind of tactics!  It's.. why.. it's too inhumane!  (smirk).
The Beatles utterly deny such claims, but some of them are downright amazing that it wasn't planned and all pure coincidence.  You can decide if it's all balderdash.. or if there's something really going on.


Paul is dead Visual Clues.

Paul is dead Audio Clues.

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