Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stunted growth of the soul

I see a lot of folks "set in their ways" by their mid-20s in the USAF.  Lots of Staff Sergeants and the like are common in my neck of the "Space Command" woods, so it's common to see mid-to-late 20-somethings, usually with new kids and new wives, dealing with basic issues like money and not getting along and that it's not all Utopian prince / princess dream-promises mommy and daddy lied about through their teeth as they tried not to strangle each-other.  I find it all cute, as it's all a learning-process of one's self.  They're forced to evolve and share.

Once that process is complete to a point of equilibrium with their spouse, normally they then become dictators with their kids which often translates into shoddy leadership at work, strong-arming folks near their age into abominational duties.  I think that's how we got through WW-II, as bad parents perpetuate deep-seeded resentments onto their kids, now finally free to voice their hurt without realizing it.  Nurtured in darkness, subdued and beaten-down into that stifled, dark place where the seed can thrive and grow.

One of the problems of this is that people get to a point in life and stop growing as an individual.  I myself am aware of this danger and constantly, though casually experience new things.  Becky and I are sure to carefully explore the world and our selves within, both our own strengths and weaknesses, and other nations and environs.  We're lucky to do so, in both levels as we have the means to do so in a way that's not completely safe but safe enough.  Take Belize for instance.  We couldn't afford a presidential-like visit, but we did bus it across the country and take a flat-boat across a piranha-infested river (all enjoying the few silver coins I tossed overboard in fervor).  We were deposited in a jungle for a while (there's no such thing as a rain-forest, it's a "jungle".  I suspect a dozen years from now we'll call it something equally as gay, like an "eco-structure" or some other bullshit, it's a "jungle".)  At least we could experience the locals to a degree, mildly supervised on the boarder of Nicaragua by gunpoint, as in Jamaica, but not hostilely, just.. cautiously.  Fair enough.  I accept.

People I meet do not grow as individuals.  A big part of that is having kids.  Such a trauma, being thrust into that sleepless role I suspect they grasp onto whatever they've learned to that point and just go with it, for good or bad.  Pretty sad, really, but it's the nature of things.  It's important to try to continue to be progressive and learn as a person.  New musics are a start, though scream-o leaves something to be desired, and I never could wrap my head around narcissistic-rap, "This is why I'm hot."  Uh-huh.  Yeah, sure.  Not convinced, buddy.  I doubt even you are, else as a man you wouldn't announce it over and over. 

Growing and trying new things is important.  Trying new music, like Zydeco's rich culture fusion of French bluegrass, or a whole genre of movies like Film Noir of the 1940's really branches one's soul to grow.  I'm not saying try it.  I'm saying bathe in it fully.  Consider a different religion, not to embrace but to learn a different concept, a different region's point-of-view.  Don't worry, you are not forced to subscribe to it.  Sheesh, people, grow-up.  Just understand what they're thinking about.  Consider only eating a region's food for 1 month, like Caribbean food only.  Rather good, actually.  Consider a movie style for 1 month only, or buy a scooter and drive that for 1 month only.  I figure 1 month is the required minimum time to begin to understand something.  Try a new band, from it's first to last album and only listen to those for a month in sequential order.  Led Zeppelin is pretty safe.  Be brave and try Genesis or The Alen Parson's Project.  Braver still, try some band that only existed from 1940 to 1955.

I'm not saying give up what you love, just try new things.  It doesn't have to be costly.  By all means, go on the cheap!  Someone should recommend something for me  to try.  I'm game.

EXPLORE the world and get out of your shell, people.  Once you stop learning you're dying.

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