Monday, May 7, 2012

Alternate Worlds

  I've done so much in my Life so far (not to be confused with the poorly accepted MyLife website, which  is lame-o).  Some would say I've lived multiple lives, pre-USAF, USAF, and post-USAF.  One could even consider the prison that's school those 12 years of tedium (some of it was fun.. I liked coloring, and who knew how gosh-darn important typing class of all things would be out of all of it?!!!) 
  During my Space Command years and post-USAF Space years, each location is like an alternate world.

  It's like jumping through Space Timedoorways, each universe just a little bit .. off.  The term OPSCAP for most military means, "Operations Capability", generally stating the mission's ability to perform in idiot-light, RED, YELLOW, GREEN status.  Other worlds have other colors.  Some I've come across are:  WHITE, BROWN, BLACK, and BLACK-STRIPE.  I'm sure other places have other color conditions.  I think I single handedly created THREATCON ALPHA PLUS; in fact, I'm pretty certain of it, and it got adopted by the 21st Space Wing for a while until after 5 years it was realized it was a joke (though a clever one that I created that was Threatcon Alpha with Bravo conditions included).
  Each "world" has similar things, like apogee, commanding windows, vulnerabilities, etc.  Some have additional items like with geosynchronous satellites, there is no true apogee or perigee (there is, sort of, actually, unless it's geostationary as well, because they figure-eight naturally due to being off a bit, and then there's polar wobble and.. well, things get tricky and you have to apply bias to things to make them just tasty). 
  I see the same cardboard cut-outs of folks as well.  The same Toms and the same Jims.  Oh, sure, the names will change but the faces are identical, and often their dispositions as well.  Sometimes they're not, and it's scary when that happens, like an evil, mirror-universe version... a sort of "what if" event that soured them.  The opposite is also true, evil-ish Cardboards sometimes are quite nice and sweet.  Then there's the guys that embrace religion a little TOO much.  Those guys are all the same.  Missin' a few screws, I reckon, giving religion a bad name almost invariably, into child pornography (in a bad way), or things even more sinister, like getting-off while skinning live animals or enjoying American Idol without watching all 501 episodes of Chuck Berry's The Gong Show.  (same show, btw)
  I've got to the point where it doesn't bother me as much anymore, my Time Bandit-like travelling.  The giant head isn't pestering me to return some map as I gave it back long ago.  I'm just winging it, now.  Shrug.  Might be time I ramble-on from my current job to something else.  I seem to have mastered it pretty well to my satisfaction, and it's more computer-y than space-y, which is a shame, and I deal with computer nerds a lot more than space nerds.  Still, it ain't that bad, the job.  I might stagnate though.  You don't want to just sit in a place too  long.  It's not.. bard-ic.

  My quest for Whipped Cream was successful after traveling over hill and dale.  (Dale was quite non-plussed over being traveled over I do say).  It's getting late and I have to go to work a bit early.  The hotel is cold and nu-60's retro-futuristic which might have been cool in 2002 but it's cliche and sad now that they JUST put it all in recently such that I can still smell the carpet chemicals from the factory all fresh.  Blah.

  I was gonna put a lot of cool and clever links in this blog but, ah.... frag it.

  Oh, my website has a monthly gaming section now under GAMES (of course).  This month is Atari's Adventure which came out in 1979.  The version I posted only has Level 1 available, but I'll put a version that's got all 3.  The background was what I used to shove my BLOG in an iFrame but folks complained about it being cramped so the BLOG is now free to live on it's own, in it's own world.  Another World.


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