Saturday, May 26, 2012

High Winds

  So many medicinal marijuana places has finally made the wind itself  "high."  Wind gusts were up to 70 mph today and knocked down part of my fence (and this part I've always wanted to say) which'll need mending.  Oh, I love Colorado for that. 

I can talk cowboy talk.  I can say the big words!  Yep.  YeeHaw!  Ride that spicy chicken!

  So I gotta buy some nails and smash hammer into nail to make fence work thing.  I think I'm to blame on this.  I turned on all my pedals at once from the previous post.  BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!  WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME!  Now we're screwed.  I think I saw a Count Dracula biting a Manticore.

  I also mailed an eBay package Priority Mail TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!  FRACK!  Well, eBay didn't give a street address, just a state and zip code for New York.  The zip code eBay gave me was a New York zip code, which was good but coincidentally his street address WAS the zip code (which he omitted).  Both his street address and zip code were nearly identical, so his package is going to the wrong city.  It might come back to me, maybe.  Pricey item, too.  I got the actual address when I got back from the Post Office in an email.  It's what I get for shipping extra early.  DOH!  Well, we'll see!
  I refuse to use smartphone goodness.  Instead, I'll send things via pigeon if I have to!!!  (Click it, go on... you know you want to).


  1. Don'tcha want to? Don'tcha want to!?


    1. Don'tchya wanna RIDE that spicy CHICK... en.