Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chronicles of Cronis - Van Halen

  So Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza called as well as my claims adjuster on my 2005 Superhawk.  Geico says they've mailed the check for the remaining difference from my deductible to the shop, and RMCP says they'll get right on it, but it'll take a few days to get the parts in and if I wanted to pick the bike up in the interim.  I reminded them that the clutch cable was pinched and no clutch makes for a challenging ride of which they replied, "Oh yeah." as if remembering.  I'm obviously not on the top of their "to-do" list, but unlike diners in the movie Waiting, I can comfortably deal with that.  I also asked them to check the brake pads and "by feel" ride the bike around and see if she might need a carb-sync.  I doubt it but the cylinders seem, "punchy".  Hard to explain but they got it.

  Going to see Van Halen tonite. Never got to see them during their height.  Good guitar work.  Legendary.   Probably their farewell tour, though they won't admit it.  They cancelled all their future shows which is horrifying but Denver was spared the axe.  Opening band?  Kool and the Gang.  I feel like Charlie Murphy when he announced that Prince served them "pancakes" as if even he didn't believe the impossibility of that.  Kool and the Gang...  Very.. odd.  Luckily my ticket purchaser is running late so we might miss a good portion of them which is fine with me.  If it had been Rush I would have unexpectedly and immediately started running to the show ala Napoleon Dynamite.

  Van Halen is promoting their new album, "A Different Kind of Truth" (a mouthful of an album title).  A quick review indicates David Lee Roth is having some arguments on-stage with the roadies and pauses the concerts complaining about wind-effects and such forcing Eddie to improvise.  Guess they need to iron-out some of the kinks, but it might collapse the tour effort.  To my ultra delight as a teaser, I found out the song, Ice Cream Man is going to probably be played, which is great fun, as well as some older material.  I doubt Dreams or Right Now is going to be given a go.  I know a lot of folks disliked Sammy Hagar (now of Chickenfoot) in Van Halen, but honestly, there was some solid effort during his time with them, such as the aforementioned songs, as well as 5150, Poundcake, and When It's Love.  David Lee Roth and him do not get along on an epic level so there's some spite there.
  A review of the concert will be forthcoming.

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