Monday, May 14, 2012

Luck Waning

  Ah, my luck is down the tubes.   I had my debit card compromised (someone made a random card and was attempting to make transactions with the dummy one in Maryland) so I had to get a new one sent to me, making me flat broke for 4 days. 
  I got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop on a right turn at a stop sign (in the middle of nowhere btw, though I mostly stopped) costing me $98.50 and 2 points on my license, which I had a hard time recently getting a money order when my card was cancelled by USAA until a new one was sent to me.  I just got the payment via Express Mail USPS on-time to them and apparently I sent it to the wrong address and it was sent back to me.  NOT the bold-lettering on the front that explains, "Send a Money Order to: blah blah blah) but the tiny print that says another place hidden in a paragraph on the back.   I'm normally not such a "bad boy" driving these days, but Colorado is broke and it's a huge source of revenue, harassing villains such as myself.  Now I have to call them to see what sort of extra fine I have to pay on TOP of the $98.50 and/or go to the court date. 

  I bought shirts for a friend and he says they don't fit after them being unusually late in delivery with very weird responses from the US Post Office explaining they don't know where they went and have been sitting in their main branch here in Colorado Springs for a full week.  My recommendation to shrink the shirts to fit from 2XL to XL by washing them in HOT and then drying them for 3 hours on HIGH HOT didn't seem to work so I'm getting them this evening for a last-ditch attempt at shrinking them. 

  I got oil for my 2008 Saturn Astra XR (my winter driver car) but no one in Colorado Springs has a replacement oil filter for it, so I have to go online.  Seems it's the same filter that goes in the Chevy Sonic so I might have some luck there.

  My Honda Superhawk VTR 1000 fell over on its side while I was away because it was hot last week and the asphalt melted under the kickstand and it sank in and toppled for $1000 of damage (I think).  I figured GEICO would cover it but it seems by deductible is $1000.  I don't remember setting it to that figure.  DRAT!  Clutch is jammed and some of the plastics are scratched pretty gosh-darn good.  Front faring got smooshed-in so that it cracked a bit and it also bent the aftermarket windscreen, whether or not permanently I don't know.  Sucks cuz' I love that bike.

  I couldn't get it fixed because I didn't have the $1k thanks to Obama's taxes, I owed this year $3300 which is a HECK of a lot of money (a month's pay) so now I'm behind a month on my bills.  I took a loan out against my 401k (glad I had that ) but I haven't received the check yet and it's been 2 weeks now.  Doesn't matter because I was stuck in a business trip to Boulder for the week.  I had to stay at the Springhill Suites instead of the Residence Inn due to over-booking so the offered Continental Breakfast was sub-par and Residence Inn offers a decent free dinner as well.  No such luck.  Shucks.  THEN a Golf NOAA tournament showed-up and ate all the breakfast options like crows.  All lesbians with thick ankles.

  Seems like the whole world is against me these days.  A lot of bad luck.

I wonder what my biorhythms indicate?


  Ah.  I see.  Emotional and Physical are at the zero mark, which sucks.  The rise and ebb extremes are preferred.  Let's try some online tarot card reading..


The Hermit
Card 1 (The Hermit) : How you feel about yourself now  »
You may be feeling lonely at this time or going through a period of introspection. If you are struggling to find answers to your questions give it time, they will come. This is a time for prudence and patience. If you have been unwell this is a time for rest and recuperation.
Card 2 (Justice) : What you most want at this moment  »
The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is for a fair and right outcome whether it concerns relationships or business affairs. You feel that you are in the right and that any decision or agreement to be made should be in your favour.

The Hanged Man
Card 3 (The Hanged Man) : Your fears  »
You fear letting go, yet this place of limbo and indecision is not a good place to be. Are you being emotionally blackmailed so you don't go? Don't be the victim. Sometimes we have to have the strength to let go to attract new positive possibilities in our life.

Card 4 (Strength) : What is going for you  »
Brave heart! Your self-confidence and courageous spirit is unstoppable at the moment. Be patient and compassionate, self-disciplined and strong and you will reap great rewards for your courage.

The World
Card 5 (The World) : What is going against you  »
As always, fear holds us back and so often leads to missed opportunities. Do not give up or change direction this late in the game just because you have experienced delays - stick with it, have faith and trust the universe, and you will reach the successful conclusion you are wanting.

Card 6 (Temperance) : Outcome  »
A period of peace and harmony, life will flow and you will find a way of handling any difficult circumstances with calm confidence. This is also a time for patience, so if you are not sure quite what decision to make about any key issue, take your time you'll know what to do when the time is right.


Ah, well it's a bit accurate then, interestingly.  At least the Outcome card is Temperance and balance and patients.  Okay, fine.

Take your tarot card reading here:

Tell me how you did!


  1. I didn't shuffled the pre-shuffled deck. I just let the bones speak as they were...

    What do you think would happen if Ogra from The Dark Crystal ever met Billy Barty from Willow? Would they have a wicked looking offspring?


    Anyway. What make ye' of this here analysis, Dr. Ruth?


    Card 1 (Temperance) : How you feel about yourself now »

    You feel a need for harmony and balance in your life and indeed are starting to feel that some peace has already been restored. If you have been through some tough times, such as a break up of a relationship or financial problems, peace will be restored. However if you are still experiencing problems, this is a time for calm, careful control and patience and you will soon have a sense of normality again.

    Card 2 (The Star) : What you most want at this moment »

    The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is some good fortune, a bright and happy future. If you have been ill, suffered bereavement or disappointment in love, your luck is about to change. This is your wish card - it will bring happiness, fulfilment and good health - you may also receive a gift or gifts!

    Card 3 (The High Priestess) : Your fears »

    You are feeling uneasy and insecure, something in your gut is saying 'be careful, all is not as it seems' - something just doesn't feel right. If so, delay any decisions or actions until you have answered your concerns. If male this could signify a significant woman in your life being a bad influence.

    Card 4 (The Moon) : What is going for you »

    Despite the fear and bewilderment you feel, and the seeming difficulty of the path you have chosen, keep going - all will eventually turn out fine. The Moon is a good omen if you are in a clandestine affair; it also shows us how to be open to new and unexpected possibilities.

    Card 5 (The Lovers) : What is going against you »

    Are you suffering in silence in an unhappy relationship or feeling very lonely? Do you have the courage to make the decision you really know you should make? You have a great sense of duty but are you happy? A difficult decision has to be made - have courage and you will achieve emotional happiness.

    Card 6 (Wheel Of Fortune) : Outcome »

    Expect life to change and quickly. Fate, destiny or synchronicity, call it what you like, positive change and good fortune is evident here. If you have important choices to make trust your intuition. Do you feel that events seem to be evolving without much input from you? If so trust it and go with the flow.

    1. You fear Yolo The High Priestess? Like.