Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Train of Thought

  Got a surprise email from the guy I sold my 1999 TransAm Firehawk to back 5 years ago and he offered to sell her back to me!  He sent some pictures and she looks just as good as when I sold 'er.  Very strong nostalgia here, and it's very tempting to try and buy her back.  He put 10k miles on her so she's sitting at 94,000 miles, give-or-take.  That's a lot of miles for a 1999 GM car, and probably due for some outright maintenance, such as timing chain and other adjustments and replacements.  At his asking price of $12,000 , only $1000 less than when I sold her to him, he's reaching for the stars; and even Barrett-Jackson Auctions are only getting $19,000 for zero-mile examples.  On eBay, Firehawks are running $5000 for 80k mile versions to perfect-condition, 3000 miles at $15,000.  I countered with $6000.  Dreamy, but 333 Hp cars with 100k miles aren't worth $12k, and I need to think with my brain, not my heart on this one despite feverish palms.  It's hard not to buy it.

  Someone asked about a few A-ha videos.  A third single came out of their debut album called Train of Thought  charting #8 in the UK charts in 1986.  It's appropriate for my state of mind.

  So my little mini-loan from my 401k to get my Honda Superhawk VTR1000 came in and I'm attempting to drive it to Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza tomorrow morning sans-clutch (extremely dangerous) to get an estimate.  If over $1000, GEICO kicks-in so we'll see the damages (pun intended).  I hope I survive the trip.  I'm calculating about $800.  Plastics are danged on one side and the clutch is kinked somewhere now allowing it to release.  Faring on the left side is cracked pushed-into the body causing the windscreen to be smooshed narrow and the clutch reservoir cover is fracked.

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