Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who Turned the Lights Out?

  Firstly, from the last post, it might seem that I hate kids.  Let me clarify that I do not hate kids.  I just hate bad parenting which creates out-of-control insane kids.  Moreso, I hate just bad parents, because they have clean-palate kids souls they ruin forever, and that makes me mad because it usually ends up badly, often involving voting for gay marriage-bama.  If Obama is pro same-sex marriage, then why isn't he married to a dude?  Just sayin'.  Sounds more like a political angle than anything else.

  So, this blog is about lights.  I like dim lights usually, unless I'm tryin' to find something or working on something real tiny (now allowing time for rude comments... and .. done).  If someone's in a dim room, I will respect the room occupier's wishes of a dim room.  If they wanted it illuminated to 90k lumens, they would have lit the couch on fire with phosphorus. 

  What bugs me is that often in social environs outside of my house, there are most who prefer dimness, especially in the space community.  Since there's no windows, the lack of fluorescence is nice on the eyes and a bit of a reprieve from the liquid crystal displays which can be happily turned down low (I hate it when people jack the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST to 100 to burn those puppies out fast, or TOUCH the screen a lot, your mouse-pointer will DO, chum, this isn't an iPad [swipe swipe smear greased]).  Bright "blaring" lights is like klaxon sirens to me.  It's nearly painful to endure violent, calm-disrupting lumen madness increases for NO GOOD REASON except the SELFISHNESS of the guy who just came in the busy, crowded room because he or she thinks it's better (usually to the malcontented groans of dozens).
  I'm not sure if they're taking some sort of fracked-up parenting role here.  I don't dig it.  Go away.  Why not politely ask if anyone's okay with more lights?  No.  It never happens anywhere.  At best, dissension has to occur, often repeatedly when they leave and/or return.  Eventually they'll GET it.  WE have good enough eyes to see things in calm, low-level lamp-light and don't need a SUPERNOVA to see my own hands typing.  Adds to stress, idiots.
  If you're one of those folks who do it and your excuse is, "Oh, well, people will fall asleep blah blah frack", no.  No no no.  YOU'RE the LOSER who can't stay awake.  Get some coffee and stop torturing everyone else for YOUR benefit because you're WEAK in body and spirit.  Get OVER yourself, loser.  You're not all important despite what schools now tell you.  You're not entitled or empowered for shite, and no one cares about you, not even God.  He told me.  So leave the room, and turn off the lights on your way out.

(On a Christian theme God may actually love you.. but only grudgingly, but He's mad you put all those lights on to bug people because you're a pathetic loser.  He made you that way so more people can look awesome).

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  1. Ironically, I turned lights on for Becky today when she was vacuuming in "Cronis Theaters' basement area. The vacuum has a built-in light and she asked me to turn them off because the vacuum's light gives shadow to the detritus better than overhead lights. Gee, I thought I was helping, but I realized I was a criminal of my own rant. I quickly obliged and turned the lights off IMMEDIATELY!