Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blind Guardian

  Hobbit metal?  This band's been around for a while.  Nice chord progressions; I think, anyway, but off a bit, like Fate's Warning.. not radio friendly but new stuff anyway.  Problem is they have talent, and kids don't like that these days, because that means work.  Yes, we're in the Dobie Gilis Generation of Entitlement.  I find kids these days find my actions stuff of LegendsLittle hobbies anywayWell, maybe not Legends, but at least they don't roll their eyes at it.  Saving GPS due to an IBM 3645 Comm Processor swap untried to prevent an emergency TDY to its backup location when no one else could back in 1994 seems like ridiculous bragging than reality, but whatever.  But enough preening..
  The Bard's Song was a rare ballad Blind Guardian performed back in 2002 and ranked #40 in the Euro charts (amazingly).  I feel I have to increase my bard skills to level 15 so I can use the Coda of Wrath and peform the spell of anti-creation: ZxkuqybJust in case.. for those who know it or have enough Lore to know what it means.

  Here's more Blind Guardian's type of music.  They were featured in the movie Dungeon Siege with Jason Statham two years ago.  They also do covers by Iron Butterfly and Dio, though I find it beneath them.

Hobbit metal indeed.  They've even been called Hobbit Bards.  A lot of their work is Lord of the Rings based, and have several songs off the Silmarillion as these tales were arguably made to be sung anyway (Tolkien's historical tales, and a hard read for the most part, except for the swarthy).

  As an ending note, I'm off to have all the cars oil-changed, as it's Time for that.  I'm a fan of Mobil-1, so there's a few sales in-town here in the village of Fountain.  I like Fountain, it's a lot like The River City of Dale near Lonely Mountain (Erebor) aka Cheyenne Mountain, the river being the Platte and Fountain Creek nearby.  Here's a parting song from Fate's Warning called Circles that has a personal note for me in it.

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