Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Desperate Fountain

  Firstly, my email address for MSN got hacked and thousands of Spam emails went out from it.  For that, I am sorry.  Hopefully your spam blockers caught it all!  MSN disabled my account after a few bazillion went out and I had to change my hacked password (of course).  Yuck.

  On a lighter note, I put Velcro (hook & loop fasteners) on my guitar pedals to affix them to the pedalboard.  My last pedal, the MXR Fullbore Metal M-116 pedal should arive shortly and is pretty cheap but should satisfy all my distortion needs.  This completes my collection, though someday I wouldn't mind the "Loud WTF" scrambler pedal or the Electro-Harmonix "Sitar" pedal (just for kicks), though they're pretty much just special effects "bizarre" pedals.  More of a curio, really.

  Fountain is desperate for restaurants.  There's over 200,000 people living in southern Colorado Springs and only very few places to eat, and really NO place for breakfast.  There's a diner called, "Coke's" but it's abysmal on an epic scale.  "Mom's Diner" closed-down last year for unknown reasons (though it was very good, I suspect a death in the family or a dispute with the rent costs of the dying Fountain stripmall area).  There's not even a Denny's.  McDonald's is violently packed as is 7-11 since there's nothing else open at 5am when the Fort Cartoon kids have to get into work (as well as myself but more eastward).  A new building is being constructed in front of McDonald's but Becky and I saw the aluminium interior wall studs creating small rooms and realized there's a hallway and offices so probably a small office building as there's non-ample parking for food. 

  It's depressing.  North Colorado Springs is flooded with an overabundance of places to eat (aka South Denver in my book).  The periodical The Independent lists "South Colorado Springs" restaurants as only a scant few and a lot of them are in PUEBLO!  This is because there AREN'T any places to eat here, but a HUGE population explosion of new housing.  The population of this area has doubled in 2 years!  Ugh.  Makes me want to open a place.  Subway's ain't cuttin' it (I'm not a fan of turkey-based everything).  Sigh.

At least we got Burger King. 

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