Thursday, May 17, 2012

When the Gays Took Over America

  It was all pretty harmless at first, or so we thought.  A few gays here and there.  A good chuckle from time to time.  In the '80s we had some movies that played on it vaguely, like Mannequin 2: On the Move staring harmless, "Hollywood Montrose".  Arsenio Hall was suspicious (and it turns out amazingly gay).  We had George Michael of Wham! and things started getting weird.  George Takei as Sulu of Star Trek was "infected" as well as Judas Priests' Rob Halford.  We all sort of knew Freddie Mercury of Queen was a bit off, and it turns out, the whole band (pretty obvious after-the-fact as the band was named after a gay club in London).  Then Styx and Dennis Rodman got contaminated.  We sort of all ignored it until AIDS came along and things got shitty for everyone, gay or not gay.  The country of Hati is thought to be 89% infected wtht HIV, and Brazil as a whole is 100% G.A.Y. as the country was unprepared against the Tranny Army despite an imposing yet crumbling Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.  He's more now looking like, "What's your freakin' problem?" than "I forgive you."

  As it stands now, over 99% of America has become gay.  You might be reading this and still not infected with the "Gay" and I applaud your sensibilities but beware;  it's like a zombie infection.  It's affected our kids by way of "emo" which is often confused with the "goth" subculture.

  Kids in highschool are "gay friendly" and 12 year old boys are kissing boys and girls are kissing girls and it's .. wrong!!!  I blame a part of it on ambivalent and bad parenting partially, that and perhaps bovine growth hormone in the milk and meat and estrogen in the chicken and eggs.  The rBGH (Bovine Somatotropin) has an interesting side effect that makes people unusually taller than the standard 5'7" (for males) and 5'2" (for females).  It also makes males not have body hair.  The estrogen adds to this effect, making women menstruate very early in their lives (younger than age 12 which was standard) and makes males effeminate and emotional.

  Where did this all originate?  Well, there's a theory that a monkey got infected somehow in the Congo and got gay, perhaps a gay-rangotang from Any Which Way But LooseI say it goes back even farther than that.  Football used to be no big deal back in the '20s and '30s though there were leagues in the 1860s.  Around 1975 or so, people started watching it on TV more.  People weren't watching it much until then, I remember.  By 1980 it was getting pretty popular.  The problem is it's by far the gayest sport (up until a few years ago when "Mixed Martial Arts" came about, aka Gay Nuggies Hump Fest. [question: I've taken martial arts in my life for about 15 years on and off and learned that 90% of martial arts is blocking, yet there are no blocks in MMA.  Why?  Because it's actually MM-GAY, the MM stands for Male on Male]).

  You see, American football is big guys in spandex jumping on each other.  Some guys try to get away but they'll eventually be humped-on.  It's the gayest sport there is, period.  Crotch-grinding into butt gay on gay gayism.  You might think this is not the case but subliminally it made a lot of guys want gay and they turned.  They then had kids (grudgingly.  You see how fathers these days resent having kids?  Real men would be proud of that fact, but actors like Chevy Chase personify and touch-home the mind-set of a lot of guys who have been gay-ified who don't want kids because making naughty with a girl is gross to them and kids is the by-product of that.  If you like and relate to Chevy Chase movies, you're gay, and it's too late).  All that football humping around made guys think gay was okay.  Guys would all come over each other's house and gay-it-out, jumping on each other and watching other guys jump on each other, though they didn't realize it, in the name of infectious, subliminal gay.

  Gays are now all in-your-face about things.  TV had Will and Grace and other shows since then that made it seem that being gay is okay.  It is not, sorry.  It is a psychological condition of being rejected by society and/or not having parents around with a desperate need to fill that space of neglect.  The two-parents working issue is part of this.  In America, it's almost mandatory.  Movies are now suggesting that kids are born gay and it makes other kids want to try it out and experiment.  I find "born gay" impossible.  There are no gay babies.  I strongly believe that environment makes somebody that way.

  One argument could be that the reason there weren't 99% gays before is because they were in denial and society would not allow gays to be around so they had kids and were confused.  No, this is not the case.  I dismiss that argument.  Movies are shoving gay down our throats with the effeminte Twilight Saga (really, ladies?  You want gay boys to protect you or are those just repressed lesbian fantasies?)  Why do women want men to "manscape" and wear pretty clothes?  Lesbian frack-uppedness desires.  Don't do it.  Don't, or you'll come down with the "gay".  Clean is okay.  Shave your face?  Sure.  Stop there.  Do.. NOT.. moisturize.  (but if you must because you're skin is coming off, jump in a lake and scrub with lava rocks).

  Now, am I against gays?  Not really.  I don't care for it much but I'm not against it per-se.  I'm just annoyed that all media is all gay-ified like it's a gay renaissance.  Gays have been around forever but now it's just ridiculous and I'm sick of it now.

 One curmudgeon is quoted, "First hyper popularity of blacks and now this?!"

  America goes through these counter-cultural fads.  Interracial relationships was all the rage in the early to mid '90s, now I rarely see it.  I'm not numb to it, it's just not happening.  The stereotype of black men cheating on their girls finally made them wake-up a bit and by word-of-mouth not go for it as much.  Why do you think most black women are angry?  They have to put up with cheating men who take-off when a kid is going to be born.  Yeah, all stereotypical, I know.  It's not all-the-time, and no, I'm not against blacks or whatever so calm down.  Just pointing out stereotypes, or 5.1 surround-o-types, whatever.

  America went through this stage where all comedy had to be extremely profane for no reason except to spite itself.  Such "pioneers" as Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, and George Carlin, the latter who survived the stage and like his older material adjusted properly back to his '60s roots (though he truly pioneered the concept since his "Seven Words You Can't Say" skit in 1972).  Sure, it was kind of okay and different.  Oddly, America ate it up.  Now it's considered boring and in bad-taste.  Earlier still were comedians who ran out of material and heckled a singled-out audience member for no reason.  Again, bad form.  Later still were the ones that would make racism jokes.  These are dying out and all but Jeff Dunham remain (partially due to his low-grade ventriloquism which is getting a bit desperate, he's riding the wave as long as he can before it's too late.)  Comedians who didn't progress are sad cases who rarely recover from their one-shtick act.

  Music was similar.  Suddenly blacks became hyper-popular in the late '80s for pop music called inappropriately, R&B.  It wasn't R&B but it was pretty harmless and pushed aside acts such as Madonna and Cindy Lauper for Boys2Men and Snow.  The barbershop quartet sound was nice but I missed the end of an era a tad.  Then the "N-word' became an issue and everyone got all touchy-feely about it and everyone was afraid to insult anyone and blacks were violently over-accepted (to their confusion, though some of them took advantage of this).  Honestly, I never felt anti-black at any point in my life and didn't understand what the big deal was. Apparently in the South racism was still going on so it actually made sense to do this down in the Bible Belt (aka the Racist Belt).   No one cared in Boston and we were all confused as racism pretty much died-out in up in the North 1952.  I guess it was still popular to hate people in Alabama in 1989.  Weird, and.. a shame, truly.  I can see how a reversal of paradigm was important there, but .. everywhere?  New York City?  There's no ROOM to be racial in NYC.  You can't.  It's not possible because of the interracial everything there.  It's too culturally rich.  Heck, even gays in Greenwich Village were accepted and no one really had much to say about it (until AIDS scared a few folks and thought it was all the gays fault innocents were dying.  That opinion went on for about 10 years or so and some "hate crimes" were going on by the unintelligent, again a shame).

  So I guess it's the gays' time in the sun for now.  No one was really anti-gay before (again, except for the mid-'80s AIDS scare for a little while).  Just like white girls dating blacks in the '90s, I'm hoping it's a fad, though interracial dating is no big deal to me.  I dated a Spanish girl back in the early '90s and she was a sweetheart and no one really cared much about my choice (except for my ex-Irish girlfriend, she drew a race card out of spite and sour-grapes on that case, but then again, she hadn't called me all summer so.. I figured it was over-with, ya know?)

    I urge everyone to be careful of the GAY virus that's spreading.  You might get infected and it might be against your religion and you'll regret that choice later.  You probably won't get AIDS or GAIDS or whatever but try to think things through if you can.  To stop gay, you can do manly things like change your own oil in your vehicles, work on masonry or carpentry, take out the trash, barbecue a steak, and NOT get a pedicure or manicure.  If you have excuses for not doing any of those things, you might be coming down with the GAY.  Be CAREFUL out there!  The GAYS are taking over!

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