Thursday, May 3, 2012

University of Satan?

  There's a chap who seems to follow my LIKES on YouTube and commented a few days ago that I've had a lot of activity watching YouTube videos lately at work.  Firstly, this is insanely creepy.  Who does that?  Since he's a what I like to call, HyperChristian Deluxe (with cheese), I decided to freak him out by LIKING a few "How to Convert from Christianity to Satanism" vids just to get him all bent.  My first search however yielded a few sponsored vids that are undoubtedly generic ad-inspired junk of which the first was University of Phoenix!
  So what does this mean?  Is University of Phoenix dedicated to the unabashed desire to convert Christians to the black Satan?!  I did more research and here's a picture of their campus:

And then this disturbing video!

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