Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 1%

Some of us have served in foreign wars, about 1% of us.  Personally, I was in Desert Storm I and II.  I like to imagine I was the offspring of Alexander the Great, kicking King Darius' ass twice as did the Macedon king did in 320 BC (give or take a BC). Call of Duty MW3, Halo, etc. doesn't count, nor is it really that cool.  I don't talk about it much, that's for The History Channel to talk about infinatum in 40 years or so, in XD.  Anyway, it turns out that Congress can't figure out how to make cuts in the budget, such as to cease grants to bloggers, silly science, student loans for other melanin shades besides myself, etc. so a "Super Committee" has been created to figure out what Congress can't, which is silly in itself, like an Illuminati Congress or something.  This is not unprecedented.  In the 60's, I belive, there was an Atomic Super Committee to deal with those things atomic.  The Super Committee deadline to decide how to fix America (which consists of 6 democrats, and republicans, seemingly at random from the Senate and House of Representatives.. which is interesting because this gives the House of Representatives an equal level of strength in this voting process) ends tonite I'm pretty sure.  It was created because at the rate of spending, in less than 10 years the deficit will triple, thanks again, to Obama. 

If the deficit is not solved at this insane, new rate, cuts will default to the US Military as per the decision before the Committee was formed, specifically with veteran benefits and most importantly, all of TriCare, which is the entire medical workings for all US Forces.  What is decided is that two things will happen: 1) Retirees get jack-squat.  No medical, and pensions will either be permanently cut or reduced significantly.  Secondly, all medical for active-duty soldiers will no longer be free.  If a soldier gets a leg blown-off, he has to have his own medical benefits he pays for on his own.  Yep.  Not even a joke there.  It's so insane and grim.  This was already written and is in motion right now.  If the soldier doesn't have medical coverage, he'd have to pay out-of-pocket for the plasma, surgery to stop the bleeding, etc.  Also, dependents no longer will have free medical coverage of active-duty soldiers.  All gone.  Bye bye.  Thanks, Obama! 

There is a rumor that this might not be implemented immediately.  There is talk that the Super Committee will have a time extension until mid-January, but the democrats want to hand out all that government free-stuff to people who want to smoke pot and the republicans want our troops to be able to not be denied medical attention on the battlefield when they're bleeding-out in agony.  Gee, that's a tough call.  Interestingly, it's a stalemate that will end it disaster if nothing is decided.

If you voted Obama, I curse you.  You're all idiots who fell for a slogan as my friends bleed to death in mud.  Go ahead and smoke your weed.  Might make you forget the millions of Americans dying, because of you.  Because we can't have good armor.

-update* Oh, by the way, the decision doesn't affect me one bit either way.  I myself don't get free medical despite my 15 years of service, nor am I currently active-duty, so all these cut benefits for soldiers affects me not.  I just feel bad for 'em, because I now how it is.  If anything, it'd benefit me if troops were denied medical coverage and retirees were short-changed.  So that's that.  I just have good heart for our troops.  I was one, and it was tough.

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