Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OWS and economic solution

I think every company should hire 10% additional workforce.  Every company.  For 3 months there would be a loss, as overhead is now 10% higher, however after which everybody is employed and buying things, and then there would be a much larger gain, starting with lending companies, food, and credit cards that would start being paid back instead of defaulted.  That should get the ball rolling.  If not, the government should simply increase the military hiring by 10% and allowing a 2-year enlistment, effectively eliminating unemployed.  The money the troops would earn would go back into the economy, eliminating the situation, and the troops would learn structure and organization and skills.  Well, that's my quick-fix.

Here's #OWS with Insult the Comic Dog from Conan O'Brien everyone's been talking about:

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