Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day, the irony

I find it ironic that most veterans are actually working on Veteran's Day, except for the X-treme elderly ones that have a problem crapping themselves in public functions to which others can delight.  Some can actually not do this, and are just lucky with their day off, such as myself (questionably, however.  Crapping one's self does seem intriguing and exciting) or they're in business for themselves and allow themselves a small reprieve.

You see, veterans, retired or otherwise still have to work to make a living.  That's right, kids.  Despite one's sacrifice you either get jack-squat, or if you sacrificed your whole life you get a nice stipend of about $300 a week to live on, which for a truck owner is a tank of gas or 1 meal a day for a week.  Such a small gift for such a large sacrifice (if you worked 20 years at doing it.  You work 19 years, you get nothing.  Maybe a few jeers of "Why didn't you finish 20?")  Well, it's not all about the 20 years, often becoming a meek, ineffectual leader because you just want that brass ring at the end of the ride, ruining dozens of lives in the process when they need you.  I see these spineless wimps all the time at work myself, "I just got 2 more years.  Screw everybody else.  Don't rock the boat.  M-o-o-n.  That spells spineless."

So we work, stipend or no.  Battlescarred and with heavy hearts as locals fetivate on a day dedicated to our sacrifices and people get patriotic for a few hours for us and buy Chinese-made yellow magnetic decals for their cars and stick flags on the hoods of their Korean cars.  Oh, yeah.. we're at war with both those countries btw.  None of the money goes to any veterans, well, not American veterans anyway.  Doesn't support the troops one lick.  China pockets the money which they then use to fund their arms sales to our enemies.  Yay, we won!  Just go smoke your Afghani pot and leave us alone.

You think the government should legalize pot and "tax the hell outa it"?  They do here in Colorado.  Denver and Boulder both have legalized it, and it is taxed the hell out of it.  $200-$500 an ounce.  The growers get $30 per ounce, government gets the rest.  That's pretty taxed the hell out of it in my book.  You think that'll work on a federal scale?  Think it'll help America?  It's legal in other countries and no, they aren't doing so well.  People get very.. relaxed, and the government pockets the money creating a huge gap in rich and poor.  Example?  Look at Jamaica.  Nuff' said.  Time for change?  Yay, we won.

Happy f*ckin' Veteran's Day, *ssholes.

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