Saturday, November 12, 2011

New studio and Family Dollar

I re-arranged my studio setup so things are more logically placed for easy access to pedals, settings and the like.  I'm still waiting on 4 more effects pedals to come in the mail, possibly this afternoon or Monday (if it's not a holiday).  Funny that ever since I was 15 I never could take advantage of holidays.  I suspect there are a lot of careers out there that actually can.  You know, the ones that have weekends off and Columbus Day (the day the Italian discovered Cuba and never set foot even near what is now the United States and then brutalized and raped several boys, then killed them and fed them to the sharks?  It's in his journal, after all.  Happy American Holidays.  I bet I can defunct all of them.  Don't get me started on Easter and Christmas.)

Went and had a Jalapeno McDouble at McDonald's today.  Fine Scottish restaurant.  Greasy and predictable in low-quality.  The new shakes are deplorable.  That they put synthetic whipped-cream and a MSG cherry on top doesn't make it better.  Tastes like powdered milk and highly chlorinated water mixed with diluted synthetic vanilyn.  Or vomit.  You decide.  Fries were soulless and vacant like the over-rushed slaves who work there, burned-out and empty as they try to compete with Starbucks for heavily corn-syrup'ed coffees at 2800 calories and 900 grams of fat.  Honey, does this coffee make me look fat?  Yep.  Very.  And dumb.  Coffee is generally simply two ingredients: water (98%) and coffee.  Starbucks uses tap water, so they fail there, as local water is so chemically treated it's barely H2O.  More C6H6 and N2H4.  Actually, I think they're winning at the shit-coffee wars, because they decorate theirs with synth-whipped-cream-chemical-process and synth-caramel-like substance swirl in a waxxed paper cup far superiorly to Starbucks' burnt floor-sweepings coffees that even Folger's wouldn't touch due to the large amount of rat droppings mixed-in (but they burn and over-cook the raw beans so the rat-droppings are now safe).  Enjoy.  Bon Boisson!

Went next door to a newly constructed Family Dollar.  Inside was a mini-Wal-Mart reeking of Chinese crap and alien-looking 2-liters of what seemed to be Coke-Cola.  The gimmick of Family Dollar is that very few items cost actually a dollar.  Most items are normally-priced.  Cheap-o sweat-pants for fifteen bucks isn't much of a deal.  Saw OceanSpray Cranberry juice for $3.75 where Wal-Mart sells it for $2.50.  There a few ultra-generic items from questionable companies that offered things like spices: a good amount of garlic or pepper for a dollar, or perhaps some unknown company selling a good amount sized bag of chips for a buck.  Aisles were tight.  My shoulders nearly glancing the products on either side.  One micro-cart that they offer would barely navigate the realm.  Two at an intersection would spell disaster like South American mountain-ranges where two buses meet on a muddy precipice that happens quite regularly.

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