Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Krampus

Something I didn't know until today and it's freakin' excellent.  In Europe, apparently, Santa Clause (aka St. Nicholas) is accompanied by another character, The Krampus that punishes bad little boys and girls by flogging them right before Christmas.  No one stops him either, neither parents nor St. Nick.  The children are just whipped senseless.  That's freakin' awesome!!!  Europe as a continent also still delights in heavy metal, more-or-less turning their back on rap and crappy pop-music.  Europe's pretty awesome all-around.

The Krampus: with St.Nick and parents looking on in approving fear.  Notice the boy hiding on the left, in horror.  None escape the judgement of.. The Krampus.  WE should implement that this year, except the Krampus looks like Obama and he takes 46% of your paycheck every year.  Oh, wait, that already happens.  Yay, we won!

Click photo for a larger view.

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