Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fear of Soil, Part II.VIII of III

Russians have so far failed to ignite the 3rd stage of Phobos-Grunt, stuck in a highly-eccentric orbit around the Earth.  To buy time, they've cleverly deployed the solar-array panels, though I'm not certain if it was by pyrotechnic bolts or springs (both common array deployment techniques).  Regardless, I applaud them for such a last-ditch effort to buy time until 21 November: Phobos-Grunt-Dooms-Day-Dot-RU.  There will be happy coverage from me that day, rest assured.  I should therefore get working hard on Gangster of Boat Trilogy's Part II: Limbo before that day to make it a race for production.

A few of my pedals have come in: the Digitech's DigiVerb and the Danelectro "Hashbrowns" flanger (which to my horror was repaired with scotch-tape, but only cost me 99 cents, and it works.. so....)

Nice analogy, the scotch-tape'ed-repaired Danelctro and the Phobos-Grunt.

There's extreme danger that atmospheric drag will make the P-G crash sooner as the B-Star component on the 2-card-element-set has increased tenfold, coupled with the increased solar pressure for our sun's solar-cycle makes it quite hazardous, not to mention the now exposed array being naked to cosmic dust and space "brick-a-brack" that might smash into it enroute.  Ah, but these are only my opinions, not any scientist's.  Still, a clever idea.  They might consider dumping attitude adjusting hydrazine and employ the vehicle's momentum wheels to buy a little more time but I'm not giving away any hints comrades.

A bold move, that array deployment to collect solar-powered electricity, but will it be enough to earn your space wings?

Stay tuned.


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  2. Those Russians...

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