Friday, November 25, 2011

I don't hate the Russians

A lot of people note that I have a furvor against the Russians.  It's not actually so.  I don't hate them as a species.  To be specific, I hate their government.  The people, if unmanipulated by their government or corrupted by its virus does not make me angry.  I pity them a bit, actually, but I don't hate them.  I don't hate their sub-culture either.  Borscht is pretty gross, as it's soup made from beets, which is truly gross with no saving grace.  I can't blame them, however, as it's a common item in their country and, well, you make do with what you got.  Actually I admire a lot of the Russian's tenacity and ruthlessness (no Ruths?).  They're a bold bunch, and amazingly clever an adversary.

A few years back, around 2002 or so, some Al Qaeda were holding some children hostage in a school near Moscow.  Russian special forces came in and with one of the terrorists holding a small girl as a shield, the special forces shot through the girl, killing her, and laid waste to all the terrorists.  They then seized the school back, took the terrorists Muslim bodies, wrapped them face-down in graves so their souls could not rise to Ala, wrapped in pig skin, the most foul and corrupt substance to Muslims, their souls trapped forever in its vile sin.  They then took pictures of all of this and sent it to Al Qaeda leaders.

The Al Quiada never bothered to mess with Russia again since then.

Imagine the touchy-feely Americans trying this?  Imagine the tree-huggers whining about it all?  We don't have the balls to get that point across, which is a shame, really, because it was brutal and effective.

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