Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Audition update.

Dressed up like going to work with khakis and a polo, hair el-perfecto (as usual).  Got there 10 minutes early to drag my gear in and set up.

Played with bass player, named, "Some call me.. Tim?"  It's weird to not audition for a rock band, to play something backed-off and mellow for a 15 year old girl, but the kid had pipes that'd knock yer socks off and played piano with great dynamics which was wonderful.  I was able to add my own guitar parts, backing off as necessary (which is again, weird but okay).

Got there and set up my mini-rig and then was presented some sheet music to play with off-the-cuff.  I'm pretty sure I got most of the chords at the right timing.  Rather good for a first time.  Got to play it a second time with Tim, both times with Abagail.  Came out rather pretty I think.  No drummer this time 'round.  Got minimal feedback from her manager, "Mom, aka Jackie" (who's interestingly my age), though second song was a Lady GaGa piece I had never heard of.  Got to play it through once as well.  I requested I add a solo during the "Hey Jude" portion that was injected into it ala bluesy. 

I had to make up the guitar parts as we went, given only the chords and having seen them the first time ever just then.  I got to hear the song once.. theeeeen.... GO.

Overall pretty good, but I got the "We'll call you" bit.  I think I don't have any competition though, plus I'm pretty awesome for rocking out off-the-cuff.  Mom let me play a few riffs of Tom Sawyer.  Tim had never heard of it as I explained the notes as we went along.  I cut it short right before the solo.  Didn't get any "wows" or jaw-drops, just nods as Jackie took notes down and explained contracts and what-not. 

Man, I was so sleepy after working a few mids.  You think I'd be spot-on but I just didn't have that vibe tonite, playing so quiet and all in a living room sitting on a nice couch.  My mind was all fuzzy for some reason.  Probably the Russians zapping me with their outer-space lazer-rays and I didn't have my tinfoil helmet on.

Very fun regardless and Abagail has some talent to be sure.

Hm.  I guess we'll see then.

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