Friday, November 25, 2011

All night?

It's amazing what folks do on this Black Friday thing.  I've never been swept-up in it.  Never got the bug.  I think I have sensibility and I'm immune to it by inoculation of smarts.  The weekend promises some mediocre holiday deals of around 10% off, which isn't really a big deal unless you're buying $2000 items, then you save a little on tax and that's about it.  Other items, like those under $500 are about-meaningless a savings.  Sometimes, some overstocked, outdated, cheap-o items are going for half-price.  Overstock items a business was going to get rid of anyway, like 42" TVs when 80" is the new standard.  Probably good for a computer monitor or laptop screen replacement I guess.  Or the bathroom.  Still, Best Buy was offering some of those for about two hundred bucks.  People were camping-out for this Tuesday in front of the store.  Normally I'd guess they run three hundred or so.  That's a pretty okay deal I guess, if you want a shitty TV.  I doubt people are comparing contrast ratios at that point.  They're just happy to get something big.  Sort of like Cici's PizzaAll the 99 cent low-qual pizza you want.  Tastes exactly like a Toni's Partty Pizza.  Fun thing is.. yeah, you can have as much as you want!  Yay!  Crap pizza!  Mmmmn!  I knew a lot of guys in the USAF that'd be very happy with free stuff.  They'd say, "Yeah, it tastes horrible, but it's good because it's free."  Is it?  Is it good because it's free?  Definitely a philosophy there.  I guess if one was desperate, it'd be good, sure.  One scraping for pennies in couch seats for a loaf of bread.  I was there, once.  Sort of when I was in-between my Marysol days and before my Air Force days.  I remember having no place to go for several months and lived wherever I could.  I was pretty vagabond and despondent, the realization of not every girl's gonna treat me like a prince.  Those days, I'd find 99 cents and order a water and a slice at Pappa Gino's and wait for a family to leave after they'd order a pie and they'd not take the rest home which I'd snag when they'd leave before the cleaning guys'd get there.  Pretty horrible times.  At that point.I could see how saving 10% would be pretty okay.

In any case, I'd never stand in line (or sleep in a tent in line) for a 10% discount.  It's not like it's current Russia where you have to wait in line for coffee overnight.  I'd be amused if the tent-ers came back outside and their tents were stolen by the 99%.

I wonder if they realize you can buy the same stuff online for the same discount, and free shipping?  You can use a computer for free at the library (remember those?)  Ah, well.

America, enjoy your 10%, you 99%-ers.

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