Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sout Park denied?

Normally, I watch South Park HD at, however, due to "contractual obligation" they're not allowed to show it until 26 Nov.  I find that unacceptable!  Especially since the episode is called, "1%"!!! (Not to be confused with the motorcycle group, The Mongols).

I've decided to post this link so that others can enjoy the episode.  It'll be up for a short while before Comedy Central knocks it off the air (because they don't make enough money I guess).

Episode 12 Season 15: (wow, 15 years)

I guess this sends me more towards Chaotic Good.

On a less interesting note, bought some soft corals and some sand-sifting starfish today.  They seem to be doing well.  Nitrites were at 40ppm which is a bit high, and Phosphates were at 20ppm so I did a rather rare for me water change of 10%.  My Allen's Damsel, Picaso took the opportunity of sea-storm chaos to build a new nesting area by moving the sand and substrate around because I had re-arranged a few rocks I had tumbled, which was rather interesting.

I also purchased a Boss ST-2 pedal online.  It creates a full-stack sound and is adjustable to different types, ie. British Stack, etc.  (think big speakers behind a guitarist).  An exiting feature it naturally has is a dynamic control, so that when I pick lightly, it sounds like an accoustic guitar.  As I pick harder, more and more distortion is produced.  That is pretty f*cking amazing, as nothing else in the world does that as far as I know.  Should get it in a few days.

Watching the new 2 episodes of Beavis and Butthead online before going to sleep.


  1. I really enjoyed the new episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head.



  2. Coming down with Hep A/B/C was hilarious a routine. Also, that emotionless girl in the Twilight series was a zombie is a hoot!