Monday, November 28, 2011

Dispatch War-Rocket Ajax, to bring back his bo-dy!

I've acquired quite a few guitar pedals on-the-cheap and have been playing around with them.  Some of the antiques, such as the Boss CE-2 Chorus and the Boss PH-1r Phaser require a completely different power supply, as they're Japanese so as I'm waiting for those to come in, I'm using 9-volt batteries for those.  The PH-1r is arguably better than the MXR Phase 90 "swirler" and I found a very beat-up one for cheap, missing a knob and pretty much smacked-around like a $2 hooker and a bit rusty but I'm promised it works so I bought a new knob for it and once it comes in, I'll giver 'er some TLC.

Vintage guitar pedals are in high-demand right now.  The PH-1r in decent shape costs around $500 as does a true, non-reissue 1974 MXR "script" pedal pre-Dunlop.  Pretty nuts!

Anyway, some of the pedals I don't really need and I'll probably relist, maybe.  I didn't pay a lot for 'em.  The Boss AC-1 Acoustic Simulator sounds about the same as my own crafted setting I made on my Digitech 2112.  The DigiVerb Reverb pedal (by Digitech) is almost identical to my Digitech 2112 rack unit as well.  I suppose I'll put those back on eBay.  Here's what I got so far: (note* the links give tonal examples):

Coming in:

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