Friday, November 11, 2011

In Time movie review

Watched the movie, In Time staring no one.  Pretty much a cyberpunk fare with 80's overtones.  Not overly dramatic and current and very old 70's cars done-up to seem futuristic by adding hydraulic and pneumatic "swhoooosh" sounds when doors open or close, which is a bit amusing and cheesy the way I like it ala Hobo with a Shotgun which featured the 80's car, the Bricklyn.

The movie doesn't cross into B or Z movie category but flirts with it a bit.  Overall a mild nod to Logan's Run and Strange Days as you'd expect.  Big corporation vs. Robin Hood-esque fight-the-system cyberpuncture.  A nice Friday afternoon watch with just the right amount of action.  Not too distopian with pleanty of daytime scenes to not bring you waaaay down.  Decent.

In Time:
Zombies: B
Comic book fans: A-
Everybody else: B+

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